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Control devices from a DIN rail reliably and safely

Advantages / Features:

  1. relay interface module for a DIN rail
  2. versions with 1 or 2 changeover contacts
  3. 8/16A 250V AC rated current
  4. 10*10E6 mechanical life
  5. ambient temperature range -40 to +70°C
  6. only 0.5W power consumption (DC versions)
  7. contains components for EMC coil suppression and indication status LED
  8. made in EU

With a powerful relay interface module Finder 48 series you can control devices reliably and digestedly directly from a distribution box.

Very often used centralized control of devices from a distribution box via relay interface modules offers several benefits. This solution enables for example a transparent and quick installation, simple functionality test and easy changes in configuration if necessary. To place switching elements to a DIN rail can in many cases substantially increase the immunity to disturbances. It is thanks to the fact, that when a relay interface module is placed in a distribution box near a controlling electronics, wires leading to the module are very short. By this we avoid parallel layout of control wires with other power-line wires, often few tens of meters long, from which a current able to switch on a relay could be inducted in extreme cases.

Finder 48 are powerful relay interface modules in versions with one or two changeover contacts. They are available with a coil for DC or AC voltage as well as with screw or screwless terminals. From our stock we offer you 2 versions - 48.52 and 48.61 with a sensitive DC coil with only a 0.5 W power consumption. Interface modules already contain components protecting against wrong voltage polarity, for EMC suppression as well as indication circuit with a LED.

Besides high 16/8A switching currents offer Finder 48 also a high level of safety thanks to an up to 6 kV insulation voltage (coil/contacts). Finder 48 enable instant relay rejection by means of a plastic retaining clip, what makes an inspection or exchange of a relay easier. Also available is the jumper link for a mutual interconnection of several interface modules. Detailed information will provide you the Finder 48 datasheet.

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Date of publishing 2012-01-10
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Relay interface module 24VDC 8A 2c Icoil=22,2mA
Order number: 69900, S, RoHS
More info: F48EN.pdf
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