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Touch the EA DIP180 display

Advantages / Features:

  1. 180x32 pixels graphic module
  2. available also with a touch panel
  3. efficient white LED backlight
  4. excellent readability under all light conditions
  5. simple assembly to PCB by soldering – no screws
  6. built-in temperature compensation
  7. -20 to +70°C specified temperature range

New graphic display EA DIP180B-5NL brings a high contrast, small power consumption and a fast response. And what is important for the most of people – it is also available with a touch panel.

Display EA DIP180B-5NLWTP was designed for use in industrial control panels. That´s why it is available with an analogue resistive touch panel. This enables to combine control of a device and display of information into a single unit. EA DIP180B-5NLWTP is a graphic display with 180x32 pixels resolution. It contains 3 integrated graphic controllers SED1520 type (or compatible) used to control left, center and right sections of the display. White LED backlight provides crystal-clear picture and excellent readability under all light conditions.

Touch panel is linked to an external controller or a controller with analogue inputs. Touch panel operates similarly like a potentiometer – if a voltage is connected to the „Top-Bottom“ input of the controller, a voltage proportionate to Y (vertical) position is read by a microcontroller from the „Left-Right“ input. By the same process can be a horizontal – X position of a contact determined. Display provides a high level of contrast and a fast response thanks to the use of an LCD „supertwist“ technology. Even at extremely low temperatures of -20°C, the response time is a sufficient 2.5 sec. Module features an automatic temperature compensation, that´s why they don´t require any external contrast compensation during operation. Together with a wide specified temperature range from -20 to +70 °C, the display is ideal for various industrial applications. To fix the module mechanically, it is necessary only to solder pins directly to a PCB, without a need to use screws or other mechanical components.

Further information will provide you the EADIP180 datasheet.

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Date of publishing 2012-01-30
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LCD DIP module 180x32 STN blue-white, LED B/L
Order number: 61120, O, RoHS
More info: dip180-5e.pdf
LCD - modules graphic
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LCD DIP module 180x32 STN blue-white,LED B/L+TP
Order number: 118319, V, RoHS
More info: dip180-5e.pdf
LCD - modules graphic
3 pcs
23.4000 EUR
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