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New 1.44“ intelligent displays from 4D Systems already in stock

Advantages / Features:

  1. powerful graphic chip
  2. usable as stand-alone or as slave module
  3. user-friendly 4DGL programming language
  4. graphic development SW 4D-Visi
  5. the same program can be used on various modules
  6. large development support
  7. excellent price/ performance ratio

uLCD-14 replaces the previous model uLCD-144. The new type remains a full software compatibility, that´s why if you already have an application designed for uLCD-144, you can use them without any modification.

The only main change is the connector, instead of the original 1x9 THT pin header a new 2x5 SMD pin header is used with an added +5V output through a protection schottky diode. The new uLCD-14 module, also marked as uLCD-144-G2, features the same excellent properties like other members of uLCD family. Properties of the module are mainly determined by the used Goldelox chip, able to work in a slave, as well as stand-alone mode. It is also possible to use the 4D-Visi graphic development environment, considerably simplifying and accelerating a development of graphic applications. A detailed description of features common to all 4D Systems modules you can find in our article. Detailed information will provide you the uLCD-144-G2 datasheet.

In case of interest about further information, technical support, or any 4D Systems product, please contact us at

Date of publishing 2012-05-11
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4DGL Embedded LCD-TFT 1.44" 128x128 Module
Order number: 121670, S, RoHS
More info: uLCD-144-G2_datasheet_R_1_2.pdf
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