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LED diodes from the 230V mains on 2 ways

Advantages / Features:

  1. current regulating component – current source
  2. enables extremely simple design of constant current circuits
  3. 2 mutually replaceable types
  4. 20mA/ 40mA current ideally suitable to drive various LEDs
  5. extremely simple circuit for driving LEDs from 230V AC
  6. improved lifetime in comparison to conventional LED drivers
  7. maximum power dissipation 1W
  8. SMD package SMB/DO214AA

After a big response on the CL20M45 current limiting diode, we decided to add the type CL40M45 with a double nominal current. That´s why you´re free to choose from 2 types, and thus add a bigger variability to your LED applications.

In the article „Drive LEDs from 230V mains more simply and reliably“ we described to you the principle and usage of current limiting diodes (CLD) in detail. A new type in our offer - CL40M45 features a nominal current of up to 40 mA. Other specification is identical to the type CL20M45, especially Umax 45V and Ptot 1W.
By a simple replacement of CL20 for CL40 we can reach a significant change of a current flowing through LED diodes in the application. This can be convenient for example at designing a device with an adoptable power – at the production, it is possible to choose the type CL20M45 or CL40M45 – depending on customer´s requirements (higher light output or power saving at a lower light output). At the same time, this provides a possibility to reach a wide current range at parallel connection of various CLDs, without a need to modify the PCB.

As it is clear from the first sight, a higher maximum current through a CLD also means a higher heat generated on the chip itself. Both types feature max. power dissipation of 1W, that´s why it is necessary to take this fact into account at the circuit design. While at the CL20M45 it is possible to operate with the continuous current of 20mA up to a maximum operating voltage of 45V (P=0,02Ax45V=0,9W), at the CL40M45 the thermal loss (1,8W) would already be too high. That´s why the maximum continuous operating voltage on the CL40M45 is approx. 25V and the „reserve“ up to 45V is usable for elimination of spikes or disturbances in power supply and similar. For further increasing of durability and reliability, it can be useful to design a PCB with enlarged copper pads serving for trouble-free heat dissipation from the CLD.

Further information will provide you the CL40M45 datasheet. In case of interest, please contact us at

Date of publishing 2012-06-14
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Current Limiting Diode 40mA/45V 1W SMB
Order number: 112269, S, RoHS
LED/LCD driver circuits
2000 pcs
10+/0.2030 EUR
20+/0.1960 EUR
50+/0.1880 EUR
250+/0.1690 EUR
1000+/0.1500 EUR


Order number: 111662, S, RoHS
More info: cl20m45.pdf
LED/LCD driver circuits
1800 pcs
(3000 pcs)
10+/0.1990 EUR
20+/0.1930 EUR
200+/0.1680 EUR
1000+/0.1480 EUR
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