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Customer solution: M-Bus to Ethernet communication converter - EthMBus-5


  1. Connection of 5 M-Bus slave devices
  2. 100/10 Mbps ethernet
  3. TCP or UDP telegram transfer.
  4. Simple web interface for configuration
  5. Wide range of a DC and AC power supply.
  6. Protections, fuses and filters ensuring a high imunity of a whole interface to surges and disturbances
  7. Versions of modules with an RS232/RS485 to M-Bus interface.

We introduce to you a modern communication converter intended for connection of industrial M-Bus devices to the Ethernet, using the LAN/serial interface module XPort.

The communication converter is used in industry and building automation for data acquisition from heat consumption meters, flow meters, power consumption meters etc. It supports a connection of 1 to 5 M-Bus slave devices and a bus with devices connected can reach up to a few hundreds of meters length, depending on a connection quality, communication speed and additional protections. Connection of the interface module with a PC application can be realized by a virtual COM port, or directly through a TCP/IP connection. Connection through a virtual serial port is suitable for older programs, suitable only for a serial communication interface. Configuration of the interface module is possible via a password protected web interface.

Main Features
A construction of the interface module is based on practical experience from implementing of communication interfaces in an industrial environment. In order to reach a high reliability and immunity, the module has an above-standard protection against overvoltage. M-Bus port is resistant to a continuous shortcut, overload and it contains a filter increasing the resistance of communication to disturbances. M-Bus port is galvanic isolated from power supply, as well as from an Ethernet interface, to ensure a high overvoltage immunity and it prevents ground loops creation. A range of a DC and AC power supply has a wide range and the power supply port has an overvoltage protection, as well as a self-resettable PTC current fuse.. The module is in a robust aluminium enclosure, with a possibility of mounting to a 35mm DIN rail. For a simple assembly and replacement is the connection of leads realized by plug-in connectors. Operation statuses are indicated by six LEDs for a quick detection of an actual module status, its work and an indication of possible communication errors. The „overload/short“ LED diode differs two basic M-bus link error statuses. A shortcut is indicated by a continuous light and an overload by blinking.

Quality guarantee, references
● EMC certification in an accredited laboratory, for an industrial environment with a more stringent immunity testing.
● Precise design and construction based on a long-term practical experience and a long-term operation of a big amount of interface modules in demanding conditions at customers from Czech republic and Slovakia.
● Every interface passes during a production a series of electric tests and by a final functional test.

Main specification of the EthMBus-5 communication converter
Ammount of M-Bus devices to be connected : 1 to 5 SLAVE devices
Transfer rate : 300 - 9600 bps
Overvoltage protection : M-Bus port, power supply
Current fuse : M-Bus port, power supply
Galvanic isolation of the M-Bus port : from power supply, from Ethernet
Power supply voltage : DC 10-33V, AC 12-24V
Power consumption : 1,7 to 3W depending on a load
Operating temperature : -40°C to 60°C
Dimensions : 33 x 57 x 106mm

Orders and further information

Date of publishing 2012-09-11
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