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NiZn rechargeable batteries - when Nickel and Zinc create a strong pair

Advantages/ Features:

  1. rechargeable cells with a 1.65V nominal voltage
  2. replacement of NiCd batteries
  3. higher voltage enables to decrease count of cells connected in series
  4. low inner resistance
  5. suitable even for higher discharge / recharge currents
  6. environmentally friendly/ easily recyclable
  7. on stock in AA and AAA sizes

1,6V rechargeable batteries experience “rebirth” and bring several advantages in comparison to 1,2V NiCd accumulators

Experts in electrotechnics might say, that these are a long-time known batteries invented already by Edison thus being no novelty at all. That´s true but in contrast to older tyes is in technological advance of electrolyte and electrodes so as to reach a substantially higher lifetime that few decades ago.

So what´s interesting about these rechargeable batteries? By one sentence, NiZn cell has an output voltage of approx. 1.65V, what´s about 0.4V more than NiMH/ NiCd cells.
At the same time they´re able to provide a high current, similarly like NiCd/ NiMH cells, that´s why they´re also usable in devices with high current demands (conductivity of Zinc is about 15% than Cd). NiZn cells are easily recyclable and they´re very environmentally friendly. Another benefits:

●energy density of NiZn cells is about a third higher than that of NiCd cells (Wh/kg and also Wh/liter).
●higher voltage (1,6-1,8V) enables to reach a higher voltage of „battery-packs“ with a lower count of cells
●lifetime is comparable with NiCd cells
●no memory effect, trouble-free recharge to 100%
●flat discharging characteristics, average voltage aprox. 1,6-1,7V

It is recommended to recharge NiZn cells by C/4 to 1C current (i.e. for example 500 mA to 2000 mA for a 2000mAh cell) while observing a max. voltage of 1.9V/ cell. It´s not recommended to leave cells at a so called “trickle charging” as overcharging might decrease lifetime of cells. Naturally, like in case of almost all rechargeable batteries, the highest lifetime can be reached at operation on a partial discharge (not to a deep discharge). It´s worth to say, that NiZn are not an ideal replacement into devices with a very small power consumption ( e-g- remote controllers), where still win primary alkaline cells.

In our offer can be found NiZn cells themselves: 4AA2500mWh1.6V BP4 and 4AAA900mWh1.6V BP4 as well as a set - charger + cells (4xAA+4xAAA) NizN Charger + Accu. This charger charges by 500 mA current (AA/AAA) and monitors each slot individually. During recharging a LED at agiven slot blinks slowly (1x/s) and after finishing of recharge it shines continuously. In case of a faulty cell it blinks quickly (4x/s).

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Date of publishing 2014-05-29
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4AA2500mWh1.6V BP4

4AA2500mWh1.6V BP4

Rechargeable AA Battery NiZn 1500mAh 1,6V 1pcs
Order number: 153207, S, RoHS
More info: 252000.pdf
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4AAA900mWh1.6V BP4

Rechargeable AAA Battery NiZn 550mAh 1,6V 1pcs
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