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High currents, small spaces - a breeze for Wago 221

Perhaps the hottest this-year novelty from company Wago - 221 series terminal blocks are here.

Not only in flyers and datasheets, but also in reality - in our stock. That´s why we bring you their description and mainly the first pieces to evaluate.

New series 221 is based on a well-proven technology of contacts - CageClamp-S and it´s partially similar to a favorite series 222, but 221 overcomes this previous series in many ways. Overall, the 221 excels in many aspects. Judge yourself:

● it´s about 40% smaller than series 222

● it´s fully transparent from both sides, thus enables easy visual control of a proper wire insertion

● testing openings are from both sides, what enables easy testing (for example by a multimeter) at various positions in installation boxes, motors,…

● a feelingly lower force is necessary to operate the lever, in comparison to series 222

● huge range of usable diameters from smallest (0,14mm2/0,2mm2), up to 4mm2

● 32A/450V/105°C - usable for 230V and also 400V applications

● possibility to use solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires

● international approvals like ENEC, UL, PSE/JET, CQC, GOST-R

● hollowed-out grips on the side walls for a better grip and easier manipulation during installation

● funnel-like opening for wires, enabling accurate and comfortable insertion of even mild fine-stranded wires

Similarly like series 222, even the new series 221 is available in versions for 2,3 and 5 conductors - 221-412, 221-413 and 221-415. Flat surface of actuation levers also provides additional space for labeling.

Do you know any simpler and more practical solution for any type of wire conductors?
New universal splicing connectors Wago series 221 offer unlimited possibilities of usage. They´re ideally suitable for installations in tiny spaces, connection of stranded wires with solid wires, inner connection in motors, pumps and other devices with possible vibrations.

Detailed description can be found in the Wago 221 datasheet.

In case of interest, please contact us at

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Date of publishing 2014-09-02
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COMPACT splicing connector 2-cond. 32A trans/orange 85°C
Order number: 170973, S, RoHS
More info: 221-412.pdf
Lighting connectors
2400 pcs
(5000 pcs)
10+/0.2460 EUR
20+/0.2380 EUR
200+/0.2070 EUR
1000+/0.1820 EUR


COMPACT splicing conn. 3wire 32A 4mm2 trans/orange 85°C
Order number: 170976, S, RoHS
More info: 221-Ser_DE.pdf
Lighting connectors
4600 pcs
(5000 pcs)
5+/0.3980 EUR
10+/0.3140 EUR
200+/0.2640 EUR
500+/0.2400 EUR
1000+/0.2320 EUR


COMPACT splicing conn. 5wire 32A 4mm2 trans/orange 85°C
Order number: 170977, S, RoHS
More info: 221-Ser_DE.pdf
Lighting connectors
480 pcs
(2000 pcs)
5+/0.5400 EUR
10+/0.5200 EUR
100+/0.4530 EUR
400+/0.4010 EUR
500+/0.3970 EUR
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