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SOS Webinar: Your way to simple and efficient power supply design with Linear Technology

  • Linear Technology
    Term: 2014.10.01 10:00 - 11:30 CET
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    Programme of webinar:

    Linear Technology’s family of DC/DC Module products simplifies your analog design. By integrating the DC/DC controller, power switches, magnetic, and a modest amount of capacitance, uModules power products will save precious space on the PCB and reduce the solution weight, development time, BOM qualification and procurement effort.

    • Product groups and parameter ranges
    • uModule construction
    • Reliability data
    • Features: ultralow noise, output sharing, synchronizability / multi-phase operation
    • Information resources
    • Applications examples.
    • Q&A
    More about Linear Technology...

    What do you need for the webinar:

    Webinar will be carried out in English.
    Webinar will be led by: Tomasz Kubasik and Joachim Konkol, Linear Technology
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