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EE80252S1-A99 (EE80252S1-0000-A99) SUNON

Fan 80x25 24VDC 1,8W 69,66m3/h Sleeve

The picture is only for illustration, please see the technical specification in product details.
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160 pcs
MOQ 1 pcs
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Packing Unit 50 pcs
Product InfoIn stock
Order number79339
Price excl.VAT
2.6800 EUR
5+ / 2.4200 EUR
50+ / 2.0500 EUR
100+ / 1.9800 EUR

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EE80252S1-A99 (EE80252S1-0000-A99)
Fan 80x25 24VDC 1,8W 69,66m3/h Sleeve
Manufacturer (Brand): SUNON
RoHS: Yes
Order number: 79339
ee80252s1a99.pdf [1364kB]

Voltage DC24 VDC
Rated Power1.8 W
Power1.8 W
Current73 mA
Air Flow69.66 m3/h
Static Pressure4.57 mm H2O
Speed3200 RPM
Noise33 dBA
IP Rating-
B-1 (FG-08)
Metal Finger Guard for Fans 80x80mm nickel chrome
Order number: 51024
Price excl.VAT
3+/0.7800 EUR
6+/0.7600 EUR
20+/0.6900 EUR
100+/0.6400 EUR
400+/0.5700 EUR
FG-08 BK
Metal Finger Guard for Fans 80x80 black
Order number: 78420
LFT 80 FI30
Plastic Filter Guard for Fans 80x80mm
Order number: 7831
Price excl.VAT
2+/1.2200 EUR
4+/1.1800 EUR
10+/1.1000 EUR
25+/1.0500 EUR
LFTG 80P (PB-08)
Plastic Guard for Fans 80x80mm
Order number: 4573
Price excl.VAT
3+/0.7800 EUR
6+/0.7500 EUR
10+/0.7300 EUR
50+/0.6600 EUR
KD 2408 PTS1.13A
Fan 80x25 24VDC 1,7W 67,96m3/h Sleevel Bearing
Order number: 2849
Choose a fan with a low noise and low power consumption
Choose a fan with a low noise and low power consumption
Silence at last - or what to do, if a silent operation of a fan matters to us?
Wind of Change Still Blowing
Wind of Change Still Blowing
During 2009, SUNON began to produce a new generation of fans to replace the popular series of KD (DC with sleeve or ball bearing) and KDE (DC with VAPO bearing). That it is really a generational change is also evidenced by the fact that new products have completely changed marking.

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