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Journey of your Order

1. Receive your order
Enter your order into our information system.
You can send order in different ways:
2. Orders processing and issuing delivery note
If there is ordered product available in the stock, we generate a delivery note in the information system. Everything is in electronic form, no paper document is printed.
Goods is usually dispatched on the same day as the order was received. At latest the the next working day.
3. Preparation of documents in the warehouse goods
After order processing in the warehouse takes place a printing of delivery notes and labels that are affixed to each package of goods separately. All documents are printed in the order in which orders are placed.
4. The preparation of the goods items itself.
Delivery notes with labels is stored in containers and moved to a sector 1, where operators wait to take over it.
They will prepare items that are stored in their sector - starting with small passive components.
If there is no items from the sector 1, the container is distributed directly to the next sector.
Each item is individually packaged with its own label.
Goods which are sensitive to electrostatic electricity is packaged in a special container and prepared according to standard of ESD workstation.
The transport between the sectors is used an automatic loader, which accelerates the movement of containers and freeing the operators of the warehouse.
5. The final check and we can pack it
The operators in control section check if there are all items according the order.
6. Packing of items and their preparation for shipment
The goods are carefully packed to packages, interior of package is filled with a material which prevents from the goods damage.
7. Goods distribution
At the end of the day the shipping companies UPS, Slovak Post, GLS and others come to our company to pick up the shipments. Distribution form and delivery time directly to your address dependent on the individual shipping companies.

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Our company is ISO 9001:2009 certified.

We are ISO9001 certified company

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Journey of your order

Please have a look at „journey“ of your order beginning with its receiving untill it is passed to forwarding company to reach your address.

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