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DIAMETRAL - Laboratory power supplies, VARIOLAB+ and VARIOSTAV tables

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Soldering station SBL 530 is over, the HBT-1050 is...

Soldering station SBL 530 is over, the HBT-1050 is...
For all fans of reliable soldering stations from company Diametral we have good news – the new modern model HBT-1050 is available.

Variolab+ laboratory furniture can help also to y...

 Variolab+ laboratory furniture can help also to y...
Highly variable tables and furniture Variolab+ are suitable for education and also for production/ service. Thanks to a wide range of various modules it´s possible to arr...

Well-proven soldering station with an outstanding ...

Well-proven soldering station with an outstanding ...
From a soldering station intended for everyday use, we naturally expect reliability and a robust resistant construction.

Most popular DIAMETRAL products in SOS electronic

IST-713 Viac info


Solder Tip Sloped for HBT-1050
Ord.No.: 214679
IST-711 Viac info


Solder Tip D=3,0mm for HBT-1050
Ord.No.: 214677
IST-709 Viac info


Solder Tip D=1,0mm for HBT-1050
Ord.No.: 214675
IST-707 Viac info


Solder Tip D=0,4mm for HBT-1050
Ord.No.: 214662
IST-705 Viac info


Solder Tip D=3,2mm for HBT-1050
Ord.No.: 214660
IST-704 Viac info


Solder Tip D=2,4mm for HBT-1050
Ord.No.: 214659

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


The company DIAMETRAL, established in 1991/ Czech Republic, specialises on the production of laboratory technique, laboratory tables, laboratory power supplies, micro-soldering stands, disjunctive transformers , panel foil keyboards and transport signalisation


  • quality of EU made products
  • high reliability – products designed for everyday use

Did you know?

Advanced laboratory tables system VARIOLAB+ offers big variability. Thanks to this modular system of laboratory furniture the company is now able to offer to their customers a complete solution for establishing and furnishing of laboratories, technical classrooms and operational rooms.

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