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DIGI INTERNATIONAL - Modules for wireless M2M communication, ZigBee, WiFi, Embedded modules.

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Digi International - the most complex embedded mod...

Digi International - the most complex embedded mod...
Miniature computers and network modules from Digi International provide besides top-level features even a long-term availability.

With XBee-PRO 868 you have 40 km within reach

With XBee-PRO 868 you have 40 km within reach
If you´re searching for an RF communication module with a long range, you´re on the right address. More precisely said – 40 km at line-of-sight outdoor, or 550m indoor.

Save money, use SMT ZigBee modules XBee® and XBee...

Save money, use SMT ZigBee modules  XBee® and XBee...
XBee and XBee-PRO ZB embedded SMT RF modules provide cost-effective wireless connectivity to electronic devices. They are interoperable with other ZigBee PRO feature set ...

Most popular DIGI INTERNATIONAL products in SOS electronic

XB2B-WFUT-001 Viac info


XBee WiFi modul 802.11 b/g/n U.FL
Ord.No.: 213455
XBP24-API-001 Viac info


Xbee-PRO Module 2,4GHz w/PCB Antenna 63mW
Ord.No.: 125798
XBP08-DPSIT-024 Viac info


XBee-PRO 868 MHz 24Kbps w/RPSMA Connector 1-315mW
Ord.No.: 111125
XBIB-U-DEV Viac info


USB, XBee / XBee-PRO professional interface board
Ord.No.: 79850
XBP24-DMSIT-250 Viac info


XBee-PRO DigiMesh Module 2,4GHz w/RPSMA Connector 63mW
Ord.No.: 79849
XBP24-DMUIT-250 Viac info


XBee-PRO DigiMesh Module 2,4GHz w/U.FL Connector 63mW
Ord.No.: 79848

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


DIGI INTERNATIONAL is the leader in commercial grade device networking and is an innovator of wireless machineto- machine (M2M) device networking products. Digi International embedded and non-embedded products are marketed under the Digi®, Rabbit® and Maxstream® brands.


  • company specialised on networking
  • high performance, flexible and reliable wireless embedded module

Did you know?

Digi International develops reliable products and technologies to connect and securely manage local or remote electronic devices over the network or via the web, and offers the highest levels of performance, flexibility and quality. Digi International´s embedded products include modules, microprocessors, single-board computers, satellite communications products, development kits, software, and design services through our subsidiary Spectrum Design Solutions. Non-embedded products include cellular routers, gateways, wireless communication adapters (ZigBee, Wi-Fi, proprietary RF), serial servers, intelligent console servers, USB connected products, remote display products, cameras, sensors and the #1 selling serial card line in the world.

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