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MARQUARDT - Appliance Switches (Rocker, Toggle, Pushbutton, Foot), Snap Action Switches, Keymodules, Power Tool Switches, Automotive Switches and Switching Systems

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Even you switch ecologically?

Even you switch ecologically?
More exactly, we talk about switching-off a device. Marquardt 1550 Eco Switch enables this extraordinarily easily.

Marquardt 1841 - above standard classics

Marquardt 1841 - above standard classics
Pleasant actuation characteristics and reliable features of series 1840 make it attractive for all applications where you require control by a push.

Black or white?

Black or white?
Do you have an application where a black switch is not suitable? We have an elegant white one for you.

Marquardt 5000 series push buttons won´t be scared...

Marquardt 5000 series push buttons won´t be scared...
Why is it worth to use a push-button with a declared resistance to dust and water even in a common environment?

Most popular MARQUARDT products in SOS electronic

6425.0101 Viac info


Key Switch 0-(1) SPST 100mA 28V Hole for LED PCB
Ord.No.: 1325
1805.7110 Viac info


Rocker Switch 19x22 1-0 DPST 10(4)A 250VAC Black/Red illum. F4,8
Ord.No.: 157884
1838.3502 Viac info


Rocker Switch 30x11 1-0-1 SPDT 6(4)A 250VAC Black F6,3
Ord.No.: 157591
1881.1105 Viac info


Round Rocker Switch 1-0 SPST 12(4)A 250VAC White F4,8 - O
Ord.No.: 157578
1901.1103 Viac info


Rocker Switch 19x7 1-0 SPST6(4)A 250VAC Black F4,8 - O
Ord.No.: 150980
1932.3413 Viac info


Rocker Switch 30x22 0-(1) DPST 20(4)A 250VAC Black F6,3
Ord.No.: 144677

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


MARQUARDT is a one of the most innovative developers and manufacturers of switches and switching systems, with history beginning from 1925/ Germany. Marquardt provides high quality, innovative switching products to the Global Automotive, Power Tool and Appliance Switch Markets.


  • company with a vast know-how in switches
  • long-term field-proven components
  • Marquardt components are widely used in global automotive companies

Did you know?

The Marquardt Group is a global player in the high technology switch manufacturing market, and it maintains its position by developing innovative switching solutions that exceed the quality and performance expectations of our customers. In the Marquardt portfolio you can find universal as well as customized switches like automotive gear selection switches, electronic steering locks and electronic switches for power tools.

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