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MINWA - Swiching-mode power supplies. NiCd and NiMH battery chargers.

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Plus 50% of power for a scant one Euro?

Plus 50% of power for a scant one Euro?
High efficiency, low standby power consumption and a power reserve, all this can be gained with a new adapter from our portfolio.

Don´t throw away 13 kWh per year! Switch-mode adap...

Don´t throw away 13 kWh per year! Switch-mode adap...
If we compare a power consumption of classic adapters to switch-mode ones in a no load condition (standby), we will come to surprising values. The difference can be up to...

Charge them conveniently!

Charge them conveniently!
Today perhaps nobody doubts about convenience and an ecological benefit of NiMH accumulators. With charger from our offer you can keep them fit and in a good condition fo...

Charge a USB device anywhere even without a PC

Charge a USB device anywhere even without a PC
As today already many devices have the possibility to be powered or charged via USB port, we also react on this trend by adding a USB mains adapter to our offer. With suc...

Most popular MINWA products in SOS electronic

NX120P350GS Viac info


AC/DC Adaptor 42W 12V/3,5A Plug 5,5/2,1mm
Ord.No.: 115175
NK120P100PGS/E+ Viac info


AC/DC Adaptor 12W 12V/1A Plug 5,5/2,1mm
Ord.No.: 114795
MW 3 NU 10 GS Viac info

MW 3 NU 10 GS

AC/DC Adaptor 5,2W 5V/1A USB
Ord.No.: 110398
MW3IP25GS Viac info


AC/DC Adaptor 27W 3-4,5-5-6-7,5-12V/2,25A
Ord.No.: 91765
MW3A03GS Viac info


AC/DC Adaptor 3,6W 3-4,5-5-6-7,5-9-12V/0,3A
Ord.No.: 91718
MW3R15GS Viac info


AC/DC Adaptor 18W 3-4,5-5-6-7,5-12V/1,5A
Ord.No.: 91717

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


MINWA ELECTRONICS Co. Ltd, one of the leading manufacturing companies of electronics devices and accessories, was established in 1977. The Company was formed specifically to act as an ODM, OEM partner. Minwa Electronics produces a wide range of devices, especially adapters, chargers, car accessories and cables.


  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • wide range of products

Did you know?

Nowadays, a variety of electronics products have been penetrated into more than 75 countries and regions as well as 40 million households throughout these years. MINWA ELECTRONICS Co. Ltd. has always maintained the philosophy of designing a quality product with quality components for durability and long life. Minwa products have gained their popularity due to their excellent price/ performance ratio.

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