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SAMWHA - Wide range of Electrolytic capacitors

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Get familiar with SMD electrolytic capacitors adva...

Get familiar with SMD electrolytic capacitors adva...
Electrolytic capacitors in an SMT package are not as often used as leaded radial or axial capacitors are. However they offer many advantages, which make the assembly easi...

Find out more about SAMWHA capacitors

Find out more about SAMWHA capacitors
Under the brand SAMWHA you will find Korean manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, radial as well as SMD version for various types of applications.

Most popular SAMWHA products in SOS electronic

E105 1000uF/16V RD (RD1C108M10016PA159) Viac info

E105 1000uF/16V RD (RD1C108M10016PA159)

Capacitor 1000uF 16V 20% 10x16mm RM=5 on Tape
Ord.No.: 165611
E105SI 4700uF/50V HE (HE1H478M25035HA) Viac info

E105SI 4700uF/50V HE (HE1H478M25035HA)

Capacitor Elyt 105°C Snap-in 25x35mm
Ord.No.: 155188
ELRA 100uF/35V SD (SD1V107M6L011PC359) Viac info

ELRA 100uF/35V SD (SD1V107M6L011PC359)

Capacitor AL Radial 85°C 6,3x11x2,5mm
Ord.No.: 71075
E105SI 100uF/450V HE (HE2W107M25030HA159) Viac info

E105SI 100uF/450V HE (HE2W107M25030HA159)

Capacitor Elyt 105°C Snap-in
Ord.No.: 70094
E105SI 4700uF/63V HE (HE1J478M35030HA159) Viac info

E105SI 4700uF/63V HE (HE1J478M35030HA159)

Capacitor Elyt 105°C 35x30mm Snap-in
Ord.No.: 70082
E105SI 2200uF/63V HE (HE1J228M22035HA) Viac info

E105SI 2200uF/63V HE (HE1J228M22035HA)

Capacitor Elyt 105°C Snap-in
Ord.No.: 70080

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


SAMWHA Capacitor Group with a history dating from 1956/South Korea, produces a wide range of high quality passive components, like power capacitors, MLCCs, EMI filters, chip inductors, varistors and ultra high voltage MLCCs.


  • over 55 years of experience
  • wide portfolio of high quality components
  • excellent price / performance ratio

Did you know?

Samwha is the innovative company, initially pioneering electronic industry in South Korea and gradually expanding all over the world. Samwha components gained a very good reputation in terms of quality, reliability as well as excellent price/performance ratio. In our offer of Samwha components, you can find mainly various types of aluminium electrolytic capacitors in THT and SMT versions.

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