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SCHURTER - Fuses, Fuseholders, Circuit Breakers, Connectors, Filters, Antivandal Switches.

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Say stop to unwanted „visitors“

Say stop to unwanted „visitors“
EMI mains filters Schurter combined with an input AC connector will stop interference there, where it´s the most efficient - at the input.

Resistant and irresistibly beautiful push-buttons ...

Resistant and irresistibly beautiful push-buttons ...
Push-buttons resistant to dust and water, moreover with the well-visible LED backlight, will manage even rough handling.

Afford to your devices an undisturbed operation

Afford to your devices an undisturbed operation
Schurter 5500.0655.1 line filter will enable it to you and provides an universal usage, independent on the type of the of the inlet power socket used in your device.

Vandals don´t have any chance against Schurter MCS...

Vandals don´t have any chance against Schurter MCS...
If your control panels can be exposed also to a rough handling, then Schurter MCS19 series switches are a hot candidate for this position.

Most popular SCHURTER products in SOS electronic

4784.0100 Viac info


Connector IEC 320-C15 AC mains, F plug cable 120°C
Ord.No.: 157166
4782.0100 Viac info


IEC Rewireable Plug C13 for Cable Mounting, 70°C
Ord.No.: 137868
5500.0655.1 Viac info


PCB Mount Filter 250V/6A 30,8x27,5x22,2mm
Ord.No.: 114265
1241.6624.1111000 Viac info


Push Button Antivandal IP67 D19mm Red backlight
Ord.No.: 111032
0034.6602 Viac info


MSF250 50mA Subminiature Fuse, 8.5 mm, Time-Lag T, PCB
Ord.No.: 106059
5500.2033 Viac info


Power Line Filter 16A
Ord.No.: 104947

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


SCHURTER is an internationally leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products. The company was founded by Heinrich Schurter in 1933. All activities are centralized into the Schurter Holding AG based in Lucerne/Switzerland since 1990.


  • highly specialised company with a big experience
  • top quality products
  • components meet applicable international safety standards

Did you know?

Schurter produces a wide range of fuses and protective components like telecom fuses, resettable fuses, varistors, fuseholders, power entry modules with and without filters, over- and under-voltage protection.

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