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STANNOL - Leaded and Lead-free soldering wires, alloys, flux and soldering pastes

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Kristall 511 solder wire won´t dirt your PCB

Kristall 511 solder wire won´t dirt your PCB
Innovative flux and a high qualty alloy provide to Stannol Kristall 511 solder wire excellent processing properties with a minimum of clean transprarent residues.

Find the right solder for you

Find the right solder for you
From a wide offer of solders from company Stannol, it´s easy to choose the most suitable type meeting your demands.

Mini Fluxer will spread solder there, where you wa...

Mini Fluxer will spread solder there, where you wa...
… and will prevent to spread there, where you don´t want to. Fluxes in pen Stannol series Mini Fluxer belong to invaluable helpers of every electro-technician.

Most popular STANNOL products in SOS electronic

Tippy (272018) Viac info

Tippy (272018)

Soldering tip cleaner 220-450°C Sn97Cu3 powder w/ additives
Ord.No.: 175247
KRISTALL 511 Sn96,5Ag3,0Cu0,5 (810050) Viac info

KRISTALL 511 Sn96,5Ag3,0Cu0,5 (810050)

Lead-free solder 1mm 500g
Ord.No.: 174022
MINI-FLUXER X33S-07i 10ml Viac info

MINI-FLUXER X33S-07i 10ml

NO-CLEAN flux pen 10ml F-SW23
Ord.No.: 172394
MINI-FLUXER X32 10ml Viac info


NO-CLEAN flux pen 10ml F-SW33
Ord.No.: 172393
KRISTALL 511 Sn95,5Ag3,8Cu0,7 (593132) Viac info

KRISTALL 511 Sn95,5Ag3,8Cu0,7 (593132)

Lead-free solder 1mm 2,7% 500g
Ord.No.: 127281
HS10 Sn60Pb40 1mm 500g Viac info

HS10 Sn60Pb40 1mm 500g

Solder TYP 1.1.2 2,5 %
Ord.No.: 75093

I need help with STANNOL products

tel: +421 55 786 04 29


STANNOL/ Germany, is a renowned name in the world of soldering and soldering technology. With a rich history dating from 1920, STANNOL offers a wide range of high quality materials for effective and reliable soldering.


  • company specialized on soldering materials from 1920
  • wide portfolio of solders and fluxes

Did you know?

Stannol produces a wide range of solder pastes and wires, fluxes, bars and ingots, accessories and also offers a test service and technical support for soldering materials.

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