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STRONGLINK - RFID tags, readers

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SL040A will load it to you directly into a table s...

SL040A will load it to you directly into a table s...
RFID keyboard emulators are able to significantly simplify tracking of goods.

SL030, 031, 032 ... Mifare RFID available even for...

SL030, 031, 032 ... Mifare RFID available even for...
Try and ascertain yourself that the RFID technology is usable in all segments.

SL030 recognizes Mifare and NFC too

SL030 recognizes Mifare and NFC too
SL030 module communicates through favorite I2C interface and supports a wide scale of secure RFID technologies on the frequency of 13.56 MHz.

SL500F - a „full-featured“ RFID device

SL500F - a „full-featured“ RFID device
RFID reader / writer SL500F gladly communicates with any 13,56MHz RFID card.

Most popular STRONGLINK products in SOS electronic

SL031 Viac info


RFID reader/writer module Mifare/NFC 13.56MHz,UART,38x38mm
Ord.No.: 121750
SL102 Viac info


RFID desktop reader for 125kHz EM4xxx Unique tags, USB
Ord.No.: 129829
SL040A BK Viac info


RFID desktop reader Mifare/Desfire/NFC USB 72x57x15mm
Ord.No.: 145153
SL500L-USB Viac info


RFID desktop reader/writer Mifare/NFC13,56MHz USB
Ord.No.: 138479
SL500F-USB Viac info


RFID multi protocol desktop reader/writer for 13,56MHz
Ord.No.: 132884
SL500A-USB Viac info


RFID desktop reader/wr. Mifare/Desfire/NFC 13,56MHz
Ord.No.: 129834

I need help with STRONGLINK products

tel: +421 55 786 04 29


Stronglink focuses on 13.56MHz HF RFID technology and application developments. Stronglink has provided hundreds of thousands of RFID readers and RIFD OEM modules, as well as tens of millions of RFID cards and RFID tags to over 1,000 plus companies worldwide. These products are widely applied in the fields of public transportation, access control, deposit systems and etc.


Specialized for 13.56MHz HF RFID technology Provides RFID modules with various interfaces Wide range of supported TAGs: Mifare, DESFire, NFC, I.CODE SLI, Tag_it HF-I
  • RoHS and CE certificates are available for modules
  • Easy to use
  • Very good price/value ratio
  • Excellent quality and reliability

Did you know?

Stronglink, besides detailed user manuals, also provides sample codes and application notes for development support.

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