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SUNBEST - RFID tags, wristbands, keyfobs, glass tags, stickers.

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Most popular SUNBEST products in SOS electronic


RFID Keyfob 125kHz EM4200 R/O Blue
Ord.No.: 217167
WR8861NBK-TEMIC Viac info


Wristband black TEMIC T5577
Ord.No.: 161844
CR202-T-USB Viac info


RFID Temic Programmer, USB Emulation Keyboard
Ord.No.: 157019
EM 12 Viac info

EM 12

RFID Reader 125kHz w/Built-in Antenna, Read Over 12cm
Ord.No.: 132664
WR 8860API-EM7 Viac info

WR 8860API-EM7

RFID Silicone Wristband R/O 125kHz pink EM4102 d=60mm
Ord.No.: 113296
EM 9969 BU-PC-EM71 Viac info

EM 9969 BU-PC-EM71

RFID Keyfob EM4200 PC Blue
Ord.No.: 103404

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


With more than 20 years of experience research, development and production of various RFID products, SUNBEST provides reliable products and solutions. Guaranteed quality, competitive prices and innovative design are the reasons why Sunbest products are attractive to system integrators.


  • reliable, proven RFID products
  • RFID tags available for LF, HF and UHF range
  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • Available directly from our stock

Did you know?

In Sunbest portfolio we can find a variety of RFID products, mainly contactless cards, RFID tags (LF, HF and UHF), RFID key fobs, special cards, metal mount tags and HF RFID labels, readers and writers. Sunbest products are widely used all over the world in telecommunications, logistics, food industry, financial services, admittance systems of buildings and other areas where RFID technology is useful.

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