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VOIPAC - Embedded Systems with Cortex-A8, ARM9, SOM

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Pizza workshop - thanks to your great interest we'...

Pizza workshop - thanks to your great interest we'...
5 Pizza workshops with full capacity. This is also the review of pizza workshop which was dedicated to the change of single chip microprocessors for embedded devices wit...

Keep with the times with faster development

Keep with the times with faster development
Many of you had the chance to see the difference in developing applications on single chip microprocessors and on embedded devices during Pizza Workshop in April.

i.MX53 - a „credit card“ with an operating system ...

i.MX53 - a „credit card“ with an operating system ...
New series of miniature embedded industrial computers of the credit card size manages HD videos, multimedia presentations and other demanding tasks in a real time.

Voipac – industrial computers with dimensions smal...

Voipac – industrial computers with dimensions smal...
In a recent article we introduced to you miniature SODIMM sized SBCs of a company Voipac inserted into our list of supplied components. Today we would like to describe to...

Most popular VOIPAC products in SOS electronic

iMX6-DKT-13212111 Viac info


iMX6 Rex Development kit Basic
Ord.No.: 216079
iMX6-REX-13212111 Viac info


iMX6 Rex Module - Basic 0..70°C
Ord.No.: 216075
iMX6-PSA-00000000 Viac info


Power Supply 5V
Ord.No.: 216060
iMX6-TDK-43101311 Viac info


iMX6 TinyRex Development kit Lite
Ord.No.: 216059
iMX6-TDK-43412311 Viac info


iMX6 TinyRex Development kit Basic
Ord.No.: 216058
iMX6-TDK-13522311 Viac info


iMX6 TinyRex Development kit Pro
Ord.No.: 216057

I need help with VOIPAC products

tel: +421 55 786 04 29


VOIPAC TECHNOLOGIES focuses on development and production of miniature computers – COMs (Computer On Module). Voipac products are deployed within a diverse range of markets and industries – everywhere, where a high performance and extremely small dimensions are important.


  • high performance miniature computers (COM – Computer On Module)
  • extremely small dimensions – smaller than a credit card/the same as notebook memory
  • extensive development support
  • passive cooling is sufficient
  • any customized configuration available, MOQ: 10pcs
  • modular solution – one development environment for a range of COMs (i.MX25/51/53 based)

Did you know?

Typical industry segments: automotive, medical devices, laboratory equipment, point of sales, gaming machines, navigation systems, musical instruments, machine control, virtual reality simulation, public signage, traffic control systems, building automation, security systems, robotics, process control and auto pilots.

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