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YITRAN - Powerline Communication (PLC) Modems and ICs

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New utilization of 230V electrical wiring infrastr...

New utilization of 230V electrical wiring infrastr...
IT800 - Power Line Communication
Israeli hitech company Yitran, represented by SOS electronic, offers ideal solutions for PLC (Power Line Communication) through th...

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STK4-IT700-PIM7A-CA3 Viac info


Evaluation kit w/PIM7A
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YITRAN COMMUNICATIONS Ltd. is a leading provider of cutting edge Powerline Communication technology (PLC) for command and control applications. Yitran designs, develops and markets communication integrated circuits and modules that utilize existing power lines and eliminate the need for a costly communication infrastructure.


  • superior performance and robustness of Yitran´s technology
  • low cost, easy to use products

Did you know?

Yitran’s narrowband PLC modem chips feature PHY (Physical), MAC, Network and Profiling Layers on a SoC (System on a Chip) device. Yitran provides low cost, innovative technology for superior performance and robustness. This is due in large part to Yitran’s DCSK (Differential Code Shift Keying) modulation technique, which provides extremely high communication reliability (US patent No. 6,064,695) and Adaptive back-off algorithm (patent pending) based on IEEE802.11, optimized for the power line medium. Applications of PLCs include Energy Management, Demand Response, Automated Meter Reading/Management (AMM/AMR), Home/Building Automation, Switching and Lighting, Appliances, HVAC control and more.

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