Freeze 75 – and you have a temperature under control

Freeze 75 spray will enable you to find faulty component or also to protect components from overheating during soldering.

New issue of SOSnews on web

The newest issue of SOSnews 1/2016 is already in electronic form on our website. Please take a look.

TRACO TXM SMPS – cost to performance ratio increased

Your customers deserve the best. You don´t want to mess around with your reputation so that´s why you need reliable AC/DC converters in your devices.


With HAMMOND 1553W enclosures the rain won´t surprise you

Favourite series 1553 hand-held enclosures are now available even in a water-resistant version with IP65 rating.

Do you also use indication LEDs? Consult it with us

All necessary can be usually found in datasheets. However if you choose a LED for a bigger project, it´s often better to check it twice ...

Who won thanks to Portuguese?

More than 150 participants of SOS betting and only one correct tip for the winner – this is also what European Football Championship brought.

Microcontrollers with USB interface are common, but…

FTDI.FT-X series USB to serial bridges can be still reasonable option even for today.

PremierWave 2050 - the "Golden Gate Bridge" into IoT world

If you need an industry grade, reliable and feature reach WiFi to Ethernet bridge for your application, the PW2050 is the right choise for you.

Five reasons you need a multimeter with a built-in thermal imager

If you’re an electrician or technician who is responsible for keeping industrial systems and processes up and running safely, efficiently, and cost effectively you know that the quicker you can find a problem, the quicker you can fix it.

How to ensure a stabile RS485 communication?

LTM2881 allows RS485 or RS422 communication even in harsh environment.

ePaper, e-Ink, ...we have for you a display that can replace a paper

Would you like to have a display with zero power consumption in a rest status and with ideal viewing angles?


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