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We would like to inform you that our company is closed on 29th August and on 1st September because of bank holidays in Slovakia. We will be in the office on 30th and 31st August and on 2nd September.

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A connection resistant to dust and water - Hirschmann CA series

If you want to have a certainty, that you´ve done a maximum for security of your connections, use the CA series connectors Hirschmann. Also this way can the features of these connectors be summarized.

SOS webinar - What not to forget at the PCB design?

How to design PCBs correctly, to reach boards which are cost-effective to produce and to populate. More at SOS webinar on 14th September 2016 at 2.00 pm.

„Doubledecker“ can be found not only in London

If you don´t have enough space on a PCB, maybe you´ll benefit from dual connectors for SIM cards and memory cards.


LTC4380 - Surge Stopper for Always-On Electronics

The LTC4380 is a micropower linear surge stopper that uses and external N-channel MOSFET and sense resistor to protect loads from high voltage transients and overcurrent conditions.

Soft Shell Power and Signal Connectors – huge amount of versions

Soft shell connectors from TE Connectivity offer many options and features, economy and reliability. These families of multi-lead connectors include round (pin and socket) and rectangular (blade and receptacle) contact styles.

LoRa = RF modules with a long range

Modern spread spectrum modulation enables HopeRF LoRa modules to communicate on a long distance or in severe environment.

Euroclamp CEM - DIN rail enclosures for every PCB

Series of enclosures CEMxx in versions for horizontal and vertical PCB placing offers wide possibilities of usage. Selected types in bigger amounts in stock.

gen4 displays from company 4D Systems bring several improvements

Fourth generation of displays will probably make designers and producers of electronics happy thanks to easier usage, availability of several versions and also thanks to a lower price.

Freeze 75 – and you have a temperature under control

Freeze 75 spray will enable you to find faulty component or also to protect components from overheating during soldering.

New issue of SOSnews on web

The newest issue of SOSnews 1/2016 is already in electronic form on our website. Please take a look.

TRACO TXM SMPS – cost to performance ratio increased

Your customers deserve the best. You don´t want to mess around with your reputation so that´s why you need reliable AC/DC converters in your devices.


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