Special offer extended! FLIR thermal imagers at competitive prices

Due to increased interest, the manufacturer FLIR decided to extend special offer and icluded to this offer also the thermal imaging camera Flir E50.

Why I believe in Marquardt Rocker Switches

When you need a rocker switch for your equipment, you have a big problem. There are many producers on the market and you do not know which one to choose.

Is it super bright even to you?

Super bright TFT displays from Winstar are the right choice for a sunlight readable display.


LTC2862–The Next Step Towards to the Perfect RS485 Transceiver

HW design engineers are no longer required to choose between robust fault tolerance and high performance in a RS485 transceivers - the LTC2862 offers both.

electronica 2016 – Future Technologies, Today’s Choices

The latest products and technologies from world producers or interesting information during presentations from industry top developers? All of this will be waiting for you under one roof at the Electronica 2016 exhibition with our parent company Conrad.

The SUNNY side of life - Reliable manufacturer of adapters and power supplies

Technically every application needs a power supply. It matters which adapter or power supply we use. It needs to be durable and have low power consumption in an idle state, it needs to have interesting design and its manufacturer needs to have all the required certificates.

FTDI CleO35 - ready for embedding CE and FCC certified module

FTDI’s CleO35 is simple to program, 3.5 inch 320x480 TFT display with resistive touch panel that allows the construction of human machine interfaces (HMIs) with much higher performance than conventional Arduino display shields are able to deliver.

Sonitron flat loudspeakers will surprise you by a clean sound

Several flat loudspeakers from Sonitron prove that a piezo loudspeaker is capable of having a balanced frequency response.

LTE Antenna for demanding applications

More and more applications use LTE connection nowadays. To meet a strong market demand for LTE antennas, 2J released a 2JW0124, which is a high gain, universal antenna.

Why Is It Smart to Buy Expensive Fans?

Because in the end, they are cheaper in the end. We´ll show you how to save money by buying more expensive fan.

NerO - Arduino UNO R3 Compatible Board with Enhancements

NerO is dealing with the fundamental drawbacks of the widely-used Arduino UNO R3 – inefficient onboard linear voltage regulator.


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