Ansen is leading manufacturer of frequency control products. Their offer includes quartz crystals, crystal oscillators and ceramic resonators. Through continuous technology breakthrough and high-precision manufacturing technology, Ansen products are not only utilized in consumer electronics and industrial sectors but also designed in automotive fields.
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  • management system certified to the international ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IECQ QC 080000 standards
  • excellent reliability, solderability, thermal hysteresis, vibration resistance and shock resistance
  • low aging and extended temperature range
  • high-precision manufacturing technology
  • automotive-grade products with AEC-Q200 compliant
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Quartz is abundant in nature; easy to grow in large quantities, at low cost, and with relatively high purity and perfection. More than 3000 tonnes of quartz crystals are grown per year.
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Quartz Crystals and Quartz Crystal Oscillators Ansen

Quartz Crystals and Quartz Crystal Oscillators Ansen

Without crystal oscillators, there would be no wireless communication, GPS receivers or Ethernet. Therefore, we are expanding the portfolio of suppliers with the renowned ANSEN manufacturer.

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