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Smart dual Nano-SIM card socket

Two SIM cards give us the choice of an operator with better coverage as well as the possibility to use 4G and LPWA technologies. Attend series 115S holder for 2 nano-SIM cards gives several proven benefits in comparison with the competition.

The need for two SIM cards in one device originated mainly because of coverage with the signal, respectively when crossing national borders. These arguments are no longer decisive. Operators have good coverage of their territory and thanks to (data) roaming and the EU policy in this sphere, crossing the national borders is no more a problem.

But the era of new communication technologies is coming and the topic of two SIMs is up to date again. We mean especially LPWA technology. Operators decide which way to go and look for an optimal solution. Some have decided that for the use of the LTE-CAT M1, resp. NB-IoT a separate SIM card is required, others need only one for all services.

A typical use of Dual SIM:

  • Older - Tracking of vehicles in the GPS. You can switch from one Mobile Network Operator to another automatically when signal weakness happens or switch the operator when crossing the state borders.
  • Newer - Combination of classic LTE / GPRS technologies with some LPWA technology (NBIoT or LTE cat. M1)

The solution for 2 nanoSIM cards from Attend 115S Series gives you several proven benefits against the competition:


  • The cards are side by side with the long side facing each other
  • Mechanical life 2000 cycles
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +105°C
  • Very smooth operation when inserting and removing cards

Competitors usually offer chain-alignment placement. When inserting or removing cards, the first card always goes through the contacts of the second position, which causes over-abrasion of the pins of card and contact pads of the holder.

  • The insertion and removal mechanism ensures smooth operation during these operations

  • EJECT button: The button depression area is recessed to prevent the tooltip from slipping and causing possible damage to the mechanism

  • 115S Nano-SIM card slot has special mechanical lock design to prevent unwanted ejection of the cards.
  • Special streamlined shape design of solder foot. Outside bending. Strong fixation design.

  • Environmental Tests on 115S Series: Vibration, Mechanical shock, Thermal shock, High-temperature life, Cold resistance, Humidity, Salt spray

For testing, we have ATTEND dual Nano-SIM holder available directly from our stock. Socket and the tray need to be ordered separately:

115S-BS00 (S as a socket)

115S-BT00 (T as a tray)

If you are interested in any of the ATTEND products or you need more information, we are ready to assist you at

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