Do you need diodes? - Diotec has them

If you´re facing a decision which diode to use in your device or searching for a replacement, then this article is dedicated right for you.

This is an archive article published 03/20/2013. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Reliable diodes are often one of the fundamental pillars of a proper operation of devices. Many designers choose a suitable type so to say “by an eye” , by experience. So it can easily happen, that there will be used a uselessly overrated diode (occupying more PCB space) or in a worse case - an insufficiently rated diode, which will work in a given device on the border of its possibilities.

Diodes in general feature one good property - they´re relatively easily replaceable by a similar type from another producer. KAs SOS electronic is the authorized distributor of company Diotec, we´re able to offer you a suitable type for virtually any device, or a replacement for almost any diode from other producers.
Diotec as a producer specialized mainly on diodes, offers a wide portfolio of diodes with axial leads, in SMT packages, including power types like power sod-123, Power-SMD, D-PAK (TO252AA) and D2PAK (TO263AB), super-fast with low losses but even rectifying bridges and many other types.

Do you need diodes? - Diotec has them
Schottky diodes naturally provide lower losses thanks to a lower forward voltage, that´s why their usage is mainly in place in applications with relatively higher currents. In general it´s also valid, that a small SMT package can significantly eliminate the radiation of EMI in switch-mode power supplies (thanks to a minimal parasitic inductance), what can be one of factors, whether a given device will meet EMI regulations or not.

On the internet, it´s possible to find various „cross-reference-lists“, but for a given application, usually only some selected parameters are important. That´s why we better recommend to choose according to concrete parameters. A help at selection will provide you the case cross reference and the list of most commonly used 1A diodes. For a practical usage, it´s good to be familiar with hints for soldering and assembly, minimum solder pads sizes as well as basic facts about basic facts about thermal stresses of diodes.

Also available to download is the example of usage of Diotec diodes in Set Top Boxes and in LED driving. It is worth to mention, that also several fakes of Diotec diodes appeared on the market.

In case of interest in any component from company Diotec, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features of Diotec diodes:

  • producer specialized on development and production of diodes
  • excellent specification
  • small dimensions
  • high power
  • low losses
  • reliability

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