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Grinding, cutting, polishing, milling or sharpening on small subjects or in hard-to-reach places – these are ideal tasks for Dremel multifunction tools.

Have you ever experienced a situation in which you have managed 99% of rough work with the usual tools and only that 1% of detailed work was left to be finished? However, did this seemingly easy 1 percent take you as much time as the whole “main” work before?

The Dremel multifunctional tools are designed right for these kinds of jobs. In case of these tools it is true that it is better to try it once than to hear 100 times. It´s quite possible that this likeable tool will become your favourite one; mainly because it can handle even seemingly unmanageable or unreachable details.

Especially in the development of prototypes it´s often necessary to mechanically tune something, to drill or to grind, etc.… For today’s (miniature) electronics it´s usually a very fine work – as if intended for small, high speed tools.

The magic of Dremel tools lies also in the fact that a wide variety of accessories is available – for example for cutting, sharpening, polishing, engraving and other.  

In our offer we currently have 2 extraordinarily attractive sets:

Dremel 3000-05 (F0133000MF) - 3 Star Kit-Dremel 3000 basic set containing the high speed Dremel 3000 tool, wall holder and several grinding and cutting tools.

Dremel 3000-3/55 (F0133000MK) - 5 Star Kit-Dremel 3000 - advanced set supplied in an elegant and practical box, containing (besides the Dremel 3000 tool) also a flexible shaft, accessories for cutting and milling (linear and circular) and lots of tools, including the EZ speed click cutting accessory.

Upon request, we can supply you with any other Dremel product in addition to stock items.In case of interest, please contact us at


Dremel EZ SpeedClic is the keyless action of quick change where accessories can be changed

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Main products

Dremel 3000-3/55 (F0133000MK)

Drills and Accessories

5 Star Kit w/Multi-Tool 3000+Plastic Box+Acc.

Ord.number: 213223


No longer available

Dremel 3000-05 (F0133000MF) DREMEL

in stock 0 pcs

Dremel 3000-05 (F0133000MF)

Drills and Accessories

3 Star Kit w/Multi-Tool 3000+ Holder + Accessories

Ord.number: 255175
Special offer


1 pcs+ 32,50 €

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