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How do you cool in hot days?

New 200mm fans EBM-Papst will cool down your devices while not making a lot of noise.

Maybe you already belong to users of top-level fans from EBM-Papst. This time we bring you another hint for well-proven types - considerably powerful with a 200mm diameter. The types are:

A2E200-AH38-01 - 9 blade fan with sickle-shaped steel blades, driven by a powerful motor M2E-068 BF with power of 64W/ 230V/ 50Hz. Maintenance-free ball bearings and a thermal protection contribute to a long lifetime of the fan. The motor requires to connect an external capacitor 1.5uF/400V. The fan is suitable for a continuous operation (S1) and it can be mounted in any position.

W2E200-HK38-01 - 7 blade fan with a full round nozzle from an aluminium alloy and with same motor unit as above-mentioned type. The fan features a very easy installation - mechanically and also electrically, as it also contains a capacitor (1.5uF) assembled to a body of the fan. The fan is suitable for a continuous operation (S1) and it can be mounted in any position.
Naturally, these fans are universally usable not only for cooling of electric devices, but also in air conditioning (HVAC) and in food industry.

Detailed information will provide you the A2E200-AH38-01 and W2E200-HK38-01 datasheets, as well as operating instructions A2E200-AH38-01 and W2E200-HK38-01.

In case of interest in any EBM Papst product, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features:

  • top-level axial fans
  • long lifetime, minimum failure rate
  • excellent price/ performance ratio
  • all-metal construction
  • maintenance free ball bearings
  • IP44 (partially dependent on an installation and a position)

Additional products
image type / kind / description Ord.number manufacturer in stock External stock price/pc excl. VAT
A2E200-AH38-01 EBM-PAPST A2E200-AH38-01

Fan Axial 200x62mm 230VAC 890m3/h Ball

More info: A2E200-AH38-01.pdf

Fans AC axial



in stock 7 pcs

1 pcs+ 109,0000 €

2 pcs+ 102,0000 €

5 pcs+ 95,9000 €

10 pcs+ 87,6000 €

W2E200-HK38-01 EBM-PAPST W2E200-HK38-01

Fan Axial 225x80mm 230VAC 1029,6m3/h Ball

More info: W2E200-HK38-01.pdf

Fans AC axial



in stock 23 pcs

1 pcs+ 112,0000 €

2 pcs+ 108,0000 €

5 pcs+ 96,4000 €

10 pcs+ 93,7000 €

R2E190-RA26-05 EBM-PAPST R2E190-RA26-05

Fan Centrifugal 190x69mm 230VAC 590m3/h Ball

More info: R2E190-RA26-05.pdf

Fans radial



in stock 17 pcs

1 pcs+ 93,2000 €

2 pcs+ 89,0000 €

4 pcs+ 83,1000 €

6 pcs+ 80,8000 €

R2E220-RA38-01 EBM-PAPST R2E220-RA38-01

Fan Centrifugal 22x71mm 230VAC 885m3/h Ball

More info: R2E220-RA38-01.pdf

Fans radial



in stock 13 pcs

1 pcs+ 90,2000 €

2 pcs+ 87,2000 €

4 pcs+ 84,2000 €

12 pcs+ 75,1000 €

W2S130-AA03-01 ( 7855ES ) EBM-PAPST W2S130-AA03-01 ( 7855ES )

Fan Axial 150x55mm 230VAC 340m3/h Ball

More info: W2S130AA0301-ENG.pdf

Fans AC axial



in stock 40 pcs
Currently in stock 41 pcs
Reserved for customers 1 pcs
Currently available 40 pcs
If you are interested in bigger quantity that is currently available in stock, please contact our sales assistant or click on Get Quote.

1 pcs+ 70,4000 €

3 pcs+ 66,7000 €

5 pcs+ 65,0000 €

10 pcs+ 58,9000 €

PPM 475V 2MF+-5 28X55 PPM 475V 2MF+-5 28X55

Capacitor 2uF for R2E220-RA38-01 fan

Fans Accessories



in stock 8 pcs

1 pcs+ 3,0600 €

5 pcs+ 2,7600 €

10 pcs+ 2,6700 €

25 pcs+ 2,5500 €

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