Why Is It Smart to Buy Expensive Fans?

Because in the end, they are cheaper in the end. We´ll show you how to save money by buying more expensive fan.

This is an archive article published 09/06/2016. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Let us take one of the most popular AC fans – type 4656N – high quality, reliable, tried and tested over the years. By the way, if you are one of those who believe in: Never change a winning horse, then order Nr. is 9358.

Main features:
•Dimensions: 119x119x38mm
•Power Supply: 230VAC/50Hz
•Power: 19W
•Air Flow: 160m3/h
•Noise: 47dB(A)
•Service Life: 37 500 hours @ 40°C
•Bearing: Ball

And now, let’s take something HighTech (or GreenTech) - modern EC fan ACi4420HH

Main features:
•Dimensions: 119x119x38mm
•Power Supply: 230AC/50(60)Hz
•Power: 4,6W
•Air Flow: 175m3/h
•Noise: 42dB(A)
•Service Life: 65 000 hours @ 40°C
•Bearing: Ball

Let’s compare:

1. Dimensions and power supply are the same – no problem with replacement even in existing device.

2. Power consumption of 4,6W instead of 19W, it is about 75% less. If your device works nonstop (24 hours a day), then this is your moment – order Nr. 180021. Instead of 166,44kWh/year you will pay only for 40,3kWh.

3. Air flow. At lower power consumption, air flow increase is about 10% - 175m3/h instead of 160m3/h.

4. And you will definitely hear the difference – only 42dB(A) and not 47dB(A).

5. Service Life is about 75% higher. 65 000 hours at 40°Cvs. 37 500 hours for common AC fan. It means less maintenance, less service trips – you save kilometres, you save your staff and you can thus also increase the credibility of your device in the eyes of your customers, which is hard to quantify in monetary terms but you save some money for sure.

6. What more can a modern electronics in ACi4420HH do? The speed (3300rpm) and thus also the air flow is independent of the supply voltage (from 195Vac to 265Vac) and even of the power frequency. It’s working at the same speed in 50Hz as well as in 60Hz.

If you buy one even more expensive version, you can save even more. If your device works in a harsh environment with higher moisture we recommend buying ACi4420HHR. In this version, the PCB with electronics is protected against moisture and thus such fan must last longer. Replacement comes later and you can spend money you saved smarter.

Well, this is how engineers think in ebm-papst.

If you are encouraged and sure to change your old AC fan for the new EC one, we will be happy if you send us some negligible fraction of the money saved and we will use it for charity.

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ACI4420HHR (9203509006) EBM-PAPST
in stock 0 pcs
(12/02/2022: 36 pcs)

ACI4420HHR (9203509006)

AC axial Fans

Fan Axial 119x38mm 230VAC 180m3/h Ball, Faston

Ord.number: 215775


Alternative components: ACi4420HH (9203509001)

1 pcs+ 79,30 €

4 pcs+ 74,20 €

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4656N (9274014139) EBM-PAPST
in stock 560 pcs
(08/26/2022: 432 pcs)

4656N (9274014139)

AC axial Fans

Fan 119x38 230VAC 19W 160m3/h Ball Faston -40~+85°C

Ord.number: 9358


Alternative components: 4650N (9274014351) 4650N-465 (9274014465)

1 pcs+ 22,30 €

2 pcs+ 21,20 €

16 pcs+ 18,80 €

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