How to test a power supply or solar system?

Electronic loads, programmable and with a recovery function are the best choice for dynamic testing simulating real conditions.

This is an archive article published 09.10.2015. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Usually you don´t test your power supply and you assume it is working well with your equipment. But what if not? Sometimes your equipment fails without any evident reason and it might be because your power supply is not sufficient for your application. We have a solution which helps you identify the problems with the power supple – electronic load.
With electronic load you can test your power supply or solar system and you can easily program the behavior of your device or even a bigger load. Elektro Automatik offers a wide range of electronic loads, even with energy recovering function.

Further information can be found in the electronic loads catalogue (14,5 MB). Upon request, we´re able to provide you with any product from the Electro Automatik catalogue (14,5 MB).

In case of interest, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features:

  • Adjustable, programmable DC electronic loads
  • Conventional loads, (series EL), loads with energy recovery (mains feedback, series ELR)
  • Powers 400 W up to 10,5 kW (systems up to 300 kW)
  • Voltages 0-160 VDC up to 0-1500 VDC
  • Remote control via analogue and digital interfaces
  • Factory-installed interfaces and „plug n play“ slot
  • Highly isolated modular architecture
  • Energy recovery: mains feedback (efficiency >90%) and ENS/grid surveillance (optional)
  • Operation modes CV, CI, CP, CR, Battery test, MPPT (PV) simulation
  • For solar (PV) arrays, ultra caps, fuel cells, EV-motors
  • Function generator, sine, square, trapezoidal, ramp, arbitrary
  • Air and water-cooling variant (series EL)
  • Bench style and for 19" integration
  • Analogue, Ethernet, USB, CAN, Profibus, GPIB and more
  • User software Easypower "lite" and "pro"

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