Laboratory power supply or electronic load up to 10x faster using FPGA?

High-resistance, safety and other great features are the key benefits of a new series of devices from Electro-Automatik, taking as little space on the desk as possible.

This is an archive article published 09/28/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
PS 9000T Laboratory power supply ranging from 320W to 1500W in various configurations, dominates by several features, such as:

- EMI compliant with EN 61000-6-3, EN 55022 class B usable for industrial applications
- high electromagnetic resistance to industrial environments
- fast discharge of discharge capacity according to IEC 1010, can discharge the <60VDC to <10 sec even without load and safety according to IEC / EN 61010

Besides the safety of the device and the environmental resistance in the industry, I would like to point out that the device contains the High-performance FPGA (Field-Programmable-Gate-Array Lattice ECP3LFE17EA) allowing up to 10 times faster programming-reaction time.
High efficiency 92%, accuracy 0.1% of rated voltage, TFT touch screen with 64000pix. for an ideal overview of all set and subtracted values and other parameters for great performance.

EL 9000T Electronic load oranging from 400W to 600W in different configurations includes the following features:

- Active oscillation suppression
- efficient protective input filter
- advanced thermal management
- versatile function generator
- battery discharge mode.

For both product lines, you can find the USB interface on the front panel of the device for recording or downloading any function generator or data logger; there is an option to add an Ethernet interface, a USB for firmware update, or a PC communication via COM or an analogue (Sub-D) interface.

Upon request, we´re able to provide you with any Elektro-Automatik product in a short time and at a favourable price.
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EA-EL-9080-45 T (33210511) ELEKTRO-AUTOMATIK

On request

EA-EL-9080-45 T (33210511)

Bench Top Power Supplies

Electronic load 0-80V 0-45A, 550W 40°C

Ord.number: 265207


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EA-EL-9200-18 T (33210512) ELEKTRO-AUTOMATIK

On request

EA-EL-9200-18 T (33210512)

Rack Mount Power Supplies

Electronic load 0-200V 0-18A, 500W

Ord.number: 265209


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