No screw, no cryThe strong point of Euroclamp are screw-type terminal blocks, but they come up with the new spring terminals. We have included the MPM1 series with pitch 3,5 resp—3,81 mm to our stock items.

It’s not only about not having to screw; if you use a solid wire or stranded wire with crimp end sleeves, you only need to push the wire into the terminal when connecting (the other hand can remain in the pocket). This works thanks to the "Push-in spring" system is used. The tool should only be used when the conductor is released or when connecting a stranded wire (without end sleeve).

While in case of screw terminals the conductor always goes perpendicular to the screw, in case of spring terminals the tool (usually a flat-blade screwdriver) always goes parallel with the conductor, which can be an advantage respectively often the only option.

The terminal block has 2 pins per pole, contributing to greater stability on the printed circuit board. The SMD version has 2 plastic positioning pegs at both ends for precise placement on the PCB before soldering. The exception is version IV - "oblique", which has only one pin per pole, but the "wings” on the side of the body contribute to the stability on the printed circuit board.

So, if you are one of those who are a stickler for speed and efficiency at work, try the MPM1 series terminal blocks. If you do not like their green colour, we can deliver them in six more colours. Or if you want to use them at a higher voltage than nominal, we can supply versions with every second contact omitted. This way, we get up to 450V.

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