FIS Gas Sensors and Modules

Years of experience with gas sensors and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology combined.

FIS Inc. is a Japanese company established in November 20, 1992. They have strong R&D department with 28 researchers/developers and a team of 30 Production technology/Quality specialists. FIS production capacity is 12 million sensors per year.

The most sensors are based on metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) technology. Sensor principle is based on the fact that conductivity of tin dioxide (SnO2) changes according to gas concentration changes. When compared to other sensor technologies MOS sensors excel in sensitivity, response time, long-term stability, cost and integrity. The disadvantage is lower selectivity. It means that the sensor is most sensitive to target gas but it also has some degree of sensitivity to other gases.

Gas sensitive sensor element has to be heated to temperature which allows detection of target gas. Power consumed by heater element is dominant part of sensor power consumption. FIS is continually improving this technology in order to decrease power consumption. Commonly available SP (plate, 2x2mm) sensor series and a lower power consumption SB (bead, 0,3x0,5mm) sensor series will be gradually extended by MEMS (plate 0,1x0,1mm) and Ultra SB types (bead, 0,1x0,15mm) of sensors in the future. Typical power consumption is dropping from 400mW for SP series to 120mW for SB series to as low as 0,01mW for upcoming MEMS and Ultra SB sensors.

FIS manufactures sensors for different target gases; please see SP and SB gas sensors overview which also includes ozone (O3) sensor. No other company in the world offers ozone sensor based on MOS technology. Sensors themselves are not calibrated; it is up to customer to calibrate his end product. For customers who don’t have the required equipment for calibration, FIS provides factory calibrated modules. Please, see modules overview.

For further information about FIS products, please look at our FIS web pages or contact us at

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Metal oxide resistor 2W

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