Make your Raspberry Pi unique

Beautiful and rigid aluminium enclosure RSP from Fischer elektronik will give your Raspberry Pi a great look as well as protection.

Miniature computer Raspberry Pi („RPi“) with OS Linux has already found a lot of fans. Even though it was originally designed for youth and students as a tool for fast and cheap exploring of the world of computers, it has quickly proved that with some limitations it can be used even in various end devices.

If you only “play” with Raspberry Pi, you probably don´t need any enclosure. But if you´re developing or you already have finished an application for a concrete usage, probably you´ll need some suitable enclosure. There´s quite decent amount of enclosures (mainly plastic ones) for Raspberry Pi, but if you want something “top class”, then we can recommend the new aluminium enclosure characteristically named as RSP from Fischer elektronik –well-known producer of a wide range of aluminium enclosures, heatsinks and connectors.
RSP is suitable for Raspberry Pi2 and 3 model B. Basically it consists of bottom and upper part and optionally a flange is available for assembly to wall or panel. Rich perforation as well as material of enclosure (aluminium alloy) enables proper cooling of RPi.

EHole enclosure in standard version is available with natural or black anodized surface (elox). Other colour combinations like black body with violet or green lid and other are also available. Upper part of enclosure (lid) is elegantly fixed with only one screw, but thanks to its sophisticated construction this solution is fully sufficient and enables easy access to Raspberry Pi.

In case of interest in any Fischer elektronik products or other enclosures for Raspberry Pi, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features:

  • aluminium enclosure for Raspberry Pi 2 model B and Pi 3 model B
  • anodized surface
  • available in various colours (black, natural, green, violet, blue, orange)
  • 1.5mm wall thickness
  • ventilation openings for proper cooling
  • increased EMC protection

Get the RSP enclosure for free!

Competition with the following question has been published here:

How many screws need to be unscrewed to remove the upper lid of the enclosure?

The correct answer was: 1
We have drawn the following winners:
Constantin Bratu [RO]
Congratulations to winners. We´ll inform them by e-mail.

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