Custom-fit coat – enclosures HAMMOND 1553 will fit into hand

We know that an enclosure for portable handheld devices must meet many requirements, like ergonomic design, sufficient protection, durability and a reliable grip. And last but not least - the enclosure should have dimensions appropriate to dimensions of a device. That´s why we bring you new HAMMOND 1553A and 1553AA enclosures.

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New soft-sided hand held enclosures belong to the 1553 series family. With dimensions 75x50x17mm (LxWxH) and 100x61x17 respectively, they are perfectly suitable for small portable devices. They have all convenient features of 1553 series – ergonomic design, a curved shape that fits comfortably into the hand and over-moulded soft side grips. The top cover is recessed to allow a membrane keypad to be flush mounted and PCB standoffs are moulded into the base. Enclosures are made of ABS and are available in light grey or black colour, both colours with grey sides. Manufacturer offers also modification and silk screening according to users´s reuirements.
You can download HAMMOND 1553AA a 1553A datasheets, as well as Autocad and 3D model drawings from HAMMOND website.
In case of interest about HAMMOND products please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Advantages / Features:

  • ergonomic enclosures for hand held devices
  • over moulded soft sides for a reliable grip in a RAL 7012 grey colour
  • recessed top cover allowing to use a membrane keypad
  • made of ABS, RAL 7035 light grey or RAL 9011 black
  • PCB standoffs inside the enclosure

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Enclosure ABS 100x61,08x17mm Grey/Grey
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Enclosure ABS 100x61,08x17mm Black/Grey
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