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Rugged enclosures from extruded aluminium

Aluminium enclosures with rugged body of 1.5mm thickness and plastic end panel are sized for standard Eurocards. Designed to house P.C. boards or for equipment interfacing.

  • P.C. boards are mount horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body
  • Extruded body includes a slide removable \"belly\" plate - except in smaller \"A\", \"B\" and \"C\" sizes (ie...1455A802, 1455B1202 sizes etc.)
  • Smaller sizes (\"A\" and \"B\") are rounded for better hand held ergonomics


  • Two easy to machine, black solid ABS plastic end panels with integral bezel
  • Extruded, anodized aluminum body (choice of either clear or black)
  • All hardware and rubber feet

  • Additional products

    Enclosure AL/PC 100x72x19mm Natural plastic end panels
    Ord.number: 60193
    In stock


    1 pcs+ 7,2700 € 5 pcs+ 6,5600 € 10 pcs+ 6,3300 € 50 pcs+ 5,5500 €

    Enclosure AL/PC 100x72x19mm Black plastic end panels
    Ord.number: 60195
    Special offer


    1 pcs+ 6,5000 € 5 pcs+ 6,2700 €

    Enclosure AL/PC 120x72x19mm Natural plastic end panels
    Ord.number: 60197
    In stock


    1 pcs+ 7,6700 € 1 pcs+ 7,6700 € 5 pcs+ 6,9200 € 10 pcs+ 6,6700 € 50 pcs+ 5,8500 €

    Enclosure AL/PC 120x72x19mm Black plastic end panels
    Ord.number: 60198
    On request


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