With Lantronix products you can manage even big network structures

If you need to solve a network connectivity of any device in a small or big scale, you´re on the right address.

This is an archive article published 08/22/2013. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Company Lantronix is known not only by a popular xPort-om but even by many top quality devices for the network connectivity itself and for management of network devices. For example multi-port servers EDS16-EDS32 offer a direct connectivity of serial devices and at the same time they offer a top security level suitable also for pay terminals and similar. Industrial Ethernet switches XPress-Pro are designed for operation in a harsh environmentwith possible disturbances and they meet a lot of requirements for a maximum reliability and safety (UL1604,...). Administration of big networks, centralized access to servers and IT infrastructure is enabled by series SLC - Secure console manager. For power management is very suitable the SecureLinx SLP Power manager enabling a remote reboot of systems, inrush current limitation with a sequential switching on of devices and also enables to monitor their power consumption.

PFor sensor monitoring and process control is very suitable the new xSenso - analogue I/O server with two isolated analogue inputs (voltage/ current) and two isolated analogue outputs (voltage/ current). A novelty in a wireless segment is the dual PremierWave XN working on frequencies of 2,4/5 GHz. It is a top quality secure device server with 2 serial ports.

Detailed overview about these and other products can be found at Lantronix website.
In case of interest in any Lantronix product, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

With Lantronix products you can manage even big network structures

With Lantronix products you can manage even big network structures

Advantages / Features:

  • top level devices meeting the most stringent demands in given segments
  • easy configuration, usually via USB of built-in web server
  • various security components and protocols are implemented
  • devices desiged for work even in industrial conditions

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