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Analogue pressure sensors, the quality of which increases your blood pressure (from enthusiasm), but whose price reduces it (from satisfaction).

This is an archive article published 26.05.2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

The 2066 pressure sensor series from Marquardt has been extended by one new innovative model. The robust and simple technical design of the “Megapascal” sensor uses Hall Effect sensor technology in the measuring range of 0 – 10 bar (145 psi).

The sensor is designed for pressure measurement of liquid and gas in many applications including HVAC, sanitary processes, heat pumps, solar water heating systems and more. Materials that are in direct contact with measured medium are approved for the use in applications with drinking water, permitting the sensor to be used in water delivery, purification and filtration applications as well as beverage applications. The robust design of the “Megapascal” sensor can withstand high overload pressure of 26 bar (377 psi) and high burst pressure of more than 42 bar (609 psi).

The slope and offset of the analogue output signal as well as parameters like measuring range, supply voltage, mechanical and electrical connection can be customized according to customer demands.

The “Megapascal” 2066.31xx is produced according to the well-known high-quality standards of Marquardt. Every unit is fully tested and calibrated to ensure the best accuracy and reliability.

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Features / Advantages:

  • magnetic pressure sensor with analogue output
  • suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid and gaseous media
  • medium temperature range +2°C...90°C (max. 120°C for 10min)
  • measuring range 0 – 10 bar / 0- 1000 kPa for model 2066.3101
  • measuring range 0 – 4.5 bar / 0- 450 kPa for model 2066.2103
  • models 2066.3101 and 2066.2106 with external thread G 3/8"
  • power supply 5V
  • robust, simple structure
  • linear measuring range
  • fully automatic 100% testing and calibration for optimum accuracy

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