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Today perhaps nobody doubts about convenience and an ecological benefit of NiMH accumulators. With charger from our offer you can keep them fit and in a good condition for a long time, now moreover for a special price.

MP3 players, portable devices, LED headlamps, backup supply of various industrial devices, security systems, hand tools, cameras – this is only a small selection of devices, where it is usually worth to use rechargeable NiMH accumulators in common AA and AAA sizes. They are also available with leads, which are usually more suitable for industrial use. With appearance of low self-discharge technology for NiMH accumulators, which producers reffer to as RTU, AR, Eneloop, ReCyKo etc. have properties of NiMH accumulators further significantly improved. Thanks to this they maintain up to 80% of energy after a year of storage.

In order to fully use their convenient features, you only need a good charger. To keep a long lifetime of NIMH cells, it is recommended to recharge them before they are fully discharged. In such case it is possible to reach a higher charging cycles amount. In every case you should avoid a deep discharge of a series of several cells, when a cell with the least capacity can get to a reverse polarity status. This situation can easily happen at a deep discharge of for example a 12V battery created from 10 NiMH cells. Cells never have absolutely same capacity and the same discharge. We remind you, that modern NiMH cells don´t suffer from a so called memory effect like some NiCd types, that´s why it is useless to discharge them before charging.

In a special offer we offer you 3 chargers for AA and AAA cells as well as 1 type for 9V accumulatorsMW 6288GS. Chargers control the charging termination by a „delta V - ΔV“ method, i.e. in a moment of cell voltage drop detection, charging will be terminated and the charger will switch to a mode for keeping batteries fully charged. The battery tester MW 333 complements our offer. With this tester you can easily test the condition of batteries – on an LCD a bargraph is displayed and from its length you can easily estimate the condition of a battery/accumulator. If you have devices, which use an even battery count, a charger able to charge 2/4 cells suffices - MW 1268(A)UGS. If you also have devices which use only 1 or an odd cells count, then a charger able to charge 1-4 cells is more suitable for you - MW 3279 or MW L2111(1).

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