Sales department after 20 years

Sales department those are people who are with you, our customers in daily contact. Every single day during the long 20-years period you can communicate with Andrea Lesundakova, Anna Tamasova and Adriana Benedikova that are working for SOS electronic since its beginnings.

This is an archive article published 06/08/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Gradually, with an increasing number of customers, we expand also the sales department. In 1995 were employed to our sales team 2 new sales assistants and two sales representatives, and in 2011 was employed one more sales assistant and sales representative. So our sales team is currently 10 people.

Originally, the Slovak market, was divided into two parts, today we have its own contact person for each - Eastern, Central and Western Slovakia. Due to modernization of equipment we have increase the effectiveness of communication with our customers. In the beginning, everything was carried out manually, we had no internet or corporate software, offers the were written out of price lists and sent by fax. All orders were recorded in file folders, store cards were in paper form.

For exports, we also provide customs declaration. In personal selling, we not only invoiced, but also were preparing goods and handed over to the customer. Today our colleagues on the expedition take care about it. And receipt of goods once fell within the sales responsibility. Today is one of the activities of purchasing department. Gradually we grew and our department became more modern. With our customers we already communicate online quickly and efficiently through the e-mail, Skype and e-shop. All offers and documents are generated through our software system, so that our customers receive all documents and information urgently.

The basis of everything is in something else, for us is the most important customer, so we focus on building good relationships. It is our priority also to further 20 years period.

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