Quectel is a well-known manufacturer of 2G, 3G, 4G, GNSS and NB IoT modules
To speed up the development process, Quectel offers a number of development tools, hardware and software as well.

1. For 2G and NB IoT modules, General GSM/NB IoT EVB Kit is available.
This EVB Kit provides abundant functional interfaces, human – machine interaction, visualization of module´s working status via LEDs and full documentation and software tools on CD that included with the kit.

This EVB Kit includes: USB to UART converter cable, USB, cable, RF cable, Antenna, 5VDC power adapter, Earphone, CD with documentation, drivers and SW tools, Quick Start Up manual.

Compatible modules are all 2G modules like M95, M66, but also combined 2G/GNSS like MC60 + NB IoT modules like BC95. BC66 and BC68 NB IoT modules come on Arduino Shields, which serve also as EVB Kits.

2. For UMTS and LTE modules, UMTS & LTE EVB Kit,
which is intended to be used with UC20, EC2x and UGxx and EG95 modules, is available.
This kit contains USB to UART converter cable, USB cable, 4x RF cables, 2x Main Antennas, GNSS passive antenna, WiFi antenna, earphone, ALC5616 and TLV320AIC3104 codec boards, CD with documentation, drivers and SW tools and of course Quick Start up manual. For PCIe mounted modules, a special version - Mini PCIe EVB Kit  is available.

3. The LTE Open EVB Kit is meant for designers to develop applications based on Quectel LTE-QuecOpen modules and Wi-Fi modules. The EVB can test basic functionalities of these modules. This EVB Kit works with EC2X modules (EC21/EC25/EC20 R2.0/EC20 R2.1), BG96 and AG35.

4.-5. For GNSS modules, there are 2 kits available – the L76 EVB Kit and the L80 EVB Kit.
Both kits have the GNSS module soldered and no additional components are required for immediate startup. The L76 EVB Kit contains L76 GNSS module and the L80 EVB Kit contains L80 GNSS module.

6. The most advanced EVB Kit, Smart EVB Kit, is a real champion.
It is intended for use with SC20 and SC60 Smart LTE modules with Android OS onboard. This EVB kit has plenty of interfaces including a TFT panel with capacitive touch sensor, camera, audio amplifier, loudspeaker, status LEDs, uSD card holder and many more. In fact, it is very similar to a complete smartphone mounted on a big breadboard.

If you need more information or if you are interested in other QUECTEL products, we are ready to help at sales@soselectronic.com