Hot news: Quectel enters the market with NarrowBand modules for the IoT in a small coat

BC95 – ultra small size, ultra-low power consumption. As an authorized distributor and a major partner of Quectel, we are giving you the possibility to pre-order sample for free right now!

This is an archive article published 08/30/2016. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Manufacturer of communication modules Quectel plucked up courage and plunged to the development of NB-Iot modules. BC95 will be the first of a series of modules and as the name suggests, it will have a few common points with its older 2G module M95. We already know that they will be of the same size (23.6 mm x 19.9 mm x 2.2 mm).

We also know that the frequency, at which this module will work is 900MHz (B8). For some, it may be some limitation because this frequency is only used by some European operators. In the Czech Republic it is Vodafone at LTE, but it is currently built on the latest technology from all three operators and with its coverage it is currently doing better than the other two operators.
Apart from the Czech Republic, this frequency is also supported in Slovenia, the Netherlands and Sweden. So if you are active in these markets, this information will surely be interesting for you.

Manufacturer keeps up with the times and therefore he set out for NB-IoT modules, journey that brings these advantages to customers:

  • Low power consumption
  • Possibility to connect eSIM (M2M SIM or also Embedded SIM) – info see the picture in gallery
  • Long battery life
  • Enhanced network coverage
  • Compact and compatible size with previous versions

Gallery of pictures also includes the table of modules’ speed that will appear in NB-IoT categories (for BC95 module it tentatively indicates range of 100b/s – 100kb/s).
Further information can be obtained from preliminary data sheet, which can be also found by the detail of development sample in this article.

Unfortunately, not even manufacturer himself knows the price of this module yet, therefore we cannot tell you either :-)
However, we give you the possibility to pre-order development sample already. Be among the first. We will contact you at the time of its availability.

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