New version of the GSM/GPRS module Quectel M95 is here

Thanks to the enhanced functionality of the M95 FA module, this new version of the favorite GSM/GPRS module can be used for even more applications.

This is an archive article published 02/11/2015. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Quectel M95 communication module is already well-known among designers and we can say, that also very favorite. Its producer also knows this fact, that´s why Quectel decided to come to the market not with a new type, which might have other package, functionality,…. but a new version of M95, marked as M95FA. M95 FA maintains compatibility with the previous versions M95A (R1.0) and M95 EB, plus it naturally adds something new …

Similarly like M95EB , even the „FA“ supports eCall and DSSS (Dual SIM single standby), but also supports digital audio, secure data transfer thanks to the SSL and other. M95 FA is based on the latest MTK chipset, ensuring long lifetime and availability. M95 gained various international certificates and meets all requirements in the GSM/GPRS bands.

To make the development easier, M95 FA is also available on the so called adaptor board - M95FA-TEA-03-STD,usable with the M10EVBKIT.
Detailed information can be found in the Quectel M95 flyer, Quectel 2014 catalogue and upon request we´ll send you complete detailed SW and HW documentation.
In case of interest in any modules from company Quectel, please contact us at

Advantages / Features:

  • top-class quad-band GSM/ GPRS module
  • based on the latest MTK chipset
  • compatible with previous M95 versions
  • supports latest protocols
  • supports eCall and Dual Sim
  • safe data transfer thanks to a SSL protocol
  • low power consumption / high sensitivity
  • attractive price
  • also available on the so called adaptor board

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Gain the M95FA module for free!

Competition with the following question has been published here:

What´s the maximum data rate of the M95FA module (Up/down link)?

The correct answer was: Max. 85.6 kbps (uplink & downlink)
We have drawn the following winners:
Petr Štětina [CZ]
Vojtech Levicky [SK]
Tamás Heller [HU]
Congratulations to winners. We´ll inform them by e-mail.

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