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UMTS module UG95 = reliable transfer even in hazard conditions

Moreover, new UMTS/HSPA module Quectel UG95 is pin-compatible with GSM/GPRS module M95 thus offering extraordinarily simple way to migrate to 3G without a PCB redesign.

This is an archive article published 18.12.2014. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
To have a possibility to choose a component on a given PCB place according to our wish is certainly advantageous. For example in audio equipment to use a simple operating amplifier (for less demanding applications) or in other case to use a pin-compatible high-end operating amplifier for more demanding applications (on the same PCB position). This compatibility is common in some fields, in other ones not that much …

In a segment of GSM/GPRS/UMTS modules is this compatibility a sort of an exception, so arrival of the new Quectel UG95 module on the market can be an interesting solution how to use the same design for smaller GSM/GPRS/EDGE connection (with the M95 module) and also for a substantially faster UMTS/HSPA connection with the UG95 module.

Do you use 2G module M95 and you wish for a higher transfer speed?

    UG95 offer extraordinary possibility to design your device able to work with M95 or also with UG95 module. UG95 features more pins than M95 but their position is compatible, so at a PCB design it´s possible to place all pins on a PCB and their real use will depend on whether you´ll use M95 or UG95.In result it´s possible to assemble the same PCB with M95 or UG95 module according to given application requirements.

UG95 is based on a new Intel XMM6255 chipset. In general, UMTS/HSPA transfer offers not only a higher transfer speed of pictures and data but mainly higher reliability of connection even in hazard conditions. That can be very important for critical applications like telemetry, process control, security and similar. Because from a new module we usually expect enhanced functionality, even in this field the UG95 has what to offer, for example:

● rich set of internet protocols - TCP/UDP/PPP/MMS*/SMTP*/FTP*/SSL* (*-in development)

● standard industrial interfaces - USB 2.0/UART/I2C/PCM

● high sensitivity and top-class audio algorithms, digital audio output (PCM)
New module is available in a form of the module itself - UG95EA-02-NCH-STD (suitable for a mass usage into a target appliance) and also in a form of a known „adapter board“ UG95-TE-A mainly intended for development using the UC20EVBKIT development kit.

Detailed information will provide you the UG95 presentation, UG95 specification and the document Quectel UG95&M95 compatible design.

In case of interest in any modules from company Quectel, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features:

  • 3G module compatible with the (2G) module M95
  • possibility to use the same HW design with the M95 or UG95 module, depending on requirements of a given application
  • HSUPA max 5.76 Mbps/ class 6, HSDPA max 7.2 Mbps/ class 7
  • USB 2.0, drivers for pre Windows, Android and also Linux
  • stable connection even in hazard conditions
  • UMTS/HSPA a GSM/GPRS/EDGE - worldwide coverage
  • small dimensions - 23.6x19.9x2.2mm (lower than M95)
  • quality connection even in hazard conditions

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