Oscilloscopes that will surprise you with superior features already in the basic class

The vast array of useful features and the concept of future growth; this is the Rohde&Schwarz RTB 200x series of oscilloscopes.

Only a few measuring instruments are as versatile as an oscilloscope. And only a few measuring instruments are going through continuous development as an oscilloscope. Similarly to the development in the field of components, the development of oscilloscopes is continuing, as well as a vast amount of software (firmware) for control, decoding and various measurement efficiency functions.

Sure, your favorite 10-, 20- and even more-year-old oscilloscope can still be good and somehow special in some aspect, but the fact is that the possibilities and ease of work offered by some of today's oscilloscopes are almost incredible.

We can say that the oscilloscope is the basic and most important device for developing electronic devices. Even for developers working with almost finished blocks and developing mainly software, the oscilloscope is the most effective device for detecting various problems or for tuning the system as a whole.
If you're used to a basic digital oscilloscope, you'll probably be amazed by many features and capabilities that modern oscilloscopes offer.

For example, the RS RTB200x oscilloscope was briefly introduced about 2 years ago when it was a hot novelty in our article "Power of Ten". Since then, it has become one of the most successful models in the value instruments segment, offering a fantastic price/performance ratio.
At first look, the RTB200x is impressive because of the fact that most of the faceplate surface is occupied by the most important thing - a large 10.1" display.

Without going into the details and specifications, we will mention at least some of the features you might expect from much more expensive devices, but we will find them in this class of Rohde&Schwarz RTB 2000 series:

10-bit resolution for more accurate measurement and memory for 10 million samples
There's nothing to add here. Instead of 256 levels, we have 1024 levels and thus a 4-fold finer resolution, especially when measuring weak signals or if you are interested in minor signal differences. It is a huge advantage and a much more accurate measurement against standard 8-bit oscilloscopes. A low-noise AD converter makes a difference in class size. Large memory for 10 M patterns (optionally expandable up to 160 M patterns for segmented memory).

Annotation alias labels on the screen, easy reporting
Do you ever add the descriptions to the "screenshot" in the graphics program? Many RS oscilloscopes make it very elegant and fast on the display. Then export the result by pressing a single button on the oscilloscope and it's done.

Remote control and projection via LAN
The web interface works in the same way as if we controlled the oscilloscope manually. Thus what we see on the display of our PC is a complete oscilloscope with the same layout and function of the controls as in reality. In addition, some types of measurements are more convenient with the ability to instantly save measured values ​​to a PC. At the same time, it is an ideal tool for a teacher to control an oscilloscope for pupils.

The oscilloscope Ethernet interface can also be used to directly transfer screen content to a multimedia projector over a local network. It is an amazing feature for schools as well as for any presentations – e.g. demonstration of parameters of your equipment for your customers.

Frequency Analysis (FFT)
The RTB200x series already includes frequency analysis as standard functionality in the basic version.

Mask test
You have some periodic progress on the screen and you are wondering if there are occasional irregularities. However, you do not want to sit there for hours and moreover with the risk of not even noticing. The border around the signal (automatically or as you define it) follows the range of the signal and clearly displays any overshoot of the originally set boundaries - both vertically and horizontally.

Large display with capacitive touch panel
7 ", 8" or 10 "? Most RS oscilloscopes use a premium 10.1" fine resolution display. Nowadays, everyone knows that the visibility of details with the same screen content is noticeably better with a larger display, even if the difference is "only" 1".

Backlit switches and push-buttons
Multiple controls are backlit to indicate that the function or channel is activated. A very nice feature to facilitate oscilloscope control, don’t you think?

Nowadays it is a relatively common function, but it is not the same for all manufacturers. After pressing “Autoset”, the oscilloscope basically tries to set the time base, vertical resolution, and trigger so you can see everything important from the measured signal.

Just a small thing, but a very useful add-on that can tell you a lot and guide you to the various oscilloscope functions, especially at the beginnings.

Frequency response (Bode diagram)
Amplitude and phase in a given frequency range - with the optional K36-RTB ​​function, you can check different filters but also the frequency response and stability of your switched power supply, etc. In the 10 Hz-25 MHz range, up to 500 points per decade.

Large selection of probes
Passive, active, high voltage, differential, isolated, high DC offset probes, current probes, etc. You can choose from a really large amount as shown in this brochure.

It is worth to note that many Rohde&Schwarz devices can often be bought in a special promo sets, e.g. with a bundle of all optional features with up to several tens of percent discount. Similarly, attractive promo offers for schools are commonly available, too.

If you are interested in any of Rohde&Schwarz products, or you need more information, we are ready to help you at sales@soselectronic.com


R&S®RTB2000 - Frequency Analysis mode as a standard feature

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