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SDP31 – a miniature sensor for your big projects

Sensirion digital differential pressure sensor SDP31 is based on the next generation of CMOSens® technology.

Sensor size 8x5x5mm opens a new possibilities in space constrained applications which were not available until now due to sensor size. SDP31 is member of the next generation of sensors building on success of SDP600 series. SDP 600 features describes our previous article.

The most important improvements over SDP600 series are:

1. Size 8x5x5mm only, reflow soldering process compatibility.

2. Continuous measuring mode.
In this mode the sensor is measuring at the highest speed (1000 measurements per second) and writes the measurement values to the I2C results buffer, where the I2C master can read out the value when it requires

3. Average till read
Measured values are averaged until I2C master read it out. This has the benefit that the user can read out the sensor at its own desired speed and also make measurement more precise. During the first 25 ms (25 measurements) of averaging the averaged value is obtained as the arithmetic mean. If I2C master doesn’t read out measured value is after 25 ms, the sensor will continue to average, but with another algorithm. In this algorithm exponential smoothing is used.

4. The SDP31 is temperature compensated both for differential pressure and for mass flow compensated differential pressure. Thus the same sensor can measure differential pressure and mass flow. In use cases where the SDP31 is used to measure mass flow it is advised to use mass flow temperature compensation.

Other differences is summarized in table below. For more information please see SDP31 datasheet.

SDP31-500Pa is our standard stock item. We can support your project also by free samles.
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