Professional humidity and temperature measuring with calibrated sensors Sensirion

Switch on and read out are the only two steps necessary for a precise humidity and temperature measurment when using fully calibrated sensors CMOSens with a digital output from a Swiss company Sensirion.

This is an archive article published 06/27/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

In a recent article we introduced to you calibrated sensors made by company Sensirion. Now we would like to describe to you features and possibilities of usage of sensors model SHT1x made by a technology CMOSens.

Sensors SHT10, 11 and 15 are very reliable sensors for a convenient price. Seamingly higher price disappears after we realize, that these sensors are a complete solution, not only stand alone sensors. They are factory calibrated and they have a direct digital output with resolution of 12 bits for relative humidity and 14 bits for temperature. Thus no precise power supply, low noise linear aplifier, AD converter and interface are necessary. The fact, that the humidity and temperature are measured by one device, enables a very precise dew point calculation.

Measurment is activated by sending a measurement command, the sensor executes measurement and stores the result in its memory, keeping it until readout. Sensor is able to measure also with a lower resolution - 8 bits for relative humidity and 12 bits for temperature, significantly reducing measuring time. Sensirion SHT1x further contains an internal low voltage detection, useful at battery applications. To an overall reliability contributes also a possibility of self diagnostics. This function enables an internal heater controlled by a user (microcontroler), able to increase sensor temperature by 5-10°C. For further accuracy improvement, SHT1x datasheet provides detailed information about a simple temperature compensation of measured relative humidity. It is possible to equip the senzor with a filter cap SF1, protecting it from dirt and droplets. Sensirion also offers evaluation kit EK-H4.

Excellent features for a convenient price were probably the main reason why on the market also parts out of specification and counterfeits appeared. According to a declaration from company Sensirion, these were cases only from unofficial distributors, that´s why Sensirion strongly recommends purchase only from Sensirion official distributors, which guarantee a product quality and provide a design support. SOS electronic s.r.o. is an official Sensirion distributor. For further information about Sensirion products please contact us at

Professional humidity and temperature measuring  with calibrated sensors Sensirion

Advantages/ Features:

  • measuring of relative humidity and temperature by one component
  • individually calibrated in a precision humidity chamber
  • excellent reliability and long term stability
  • 12 bit resolution for RH and 14 bit for temperature
  • measuring range 0-100%RH,-40 to +125 °C
  • low voltage detection and self diagnostics function
  • average consumption only 90 uW at 1 measuring per sec
  • insensitivity to external disturbances (EMC)
  • SMT package, reflow solderable
  • in the appliacation not used - amplifier, AD converter and interface
  • no expensive and time demanding calibration
  • low power consumption and very small dimensions of the final solution
  • extremelly high reliability thanks to the inner sensor construction as a chip without solder joints

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