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On Friday 28th October 2011 we launch a new newsletter system that adapts to you in everything. You can choose what to read and how often you will receive it!

This is an archive article published 10/25/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

During the discussions with you we have come to realize more seriously your need to be informed about trends and innovations in the field of electronic components.

Therefore, the first step we have increased the professional level of published product articles . Their primary role is to inform, assist, advise - in short:

  • help you to offer unique solutions for your customers,
  • help you to be a step ahead of the competition,
  • help you to be "IN" in the business.

  • We also want you to be inform about the news and trends quickly and as the first ones. Therefore we will not send these updates once a month in the newsletter, but you yourself will choose how often you want to receive this information and also the field from which such information should be.

    Each newsletter subsciber has defined own profile, where the recieved information and frequency of recieving can be set. Get to your profile through the link, which is still listed at the end of our newsletter that you receive by email (see the illustration below right).

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