Business meetings in SOS electronic at the times of coronavirus

Emergency situations require unconventional solutions. Coronavirus precludes us from traveling to you, our customers, but it does not stop us from working and doing our business.

Our warehouse is still working. Your online orders (e-mail or e-shop) continue to be processed and shipped regularly. We are prioritizing our customers who deliver goods or services to the healthcare industry and we do our best to provide them with extra care in these complicated weeks.

Eventhough majority of us work from home, thanks to the Internet, applications, software solutions, or the classic phone, we are still able to stay in touch with you. Thanks to our customers, we still have enough work, and we are able to manage it reliably by using digital technology. We use our cloud system, software phones, hangouts, webinar and meeting platforms, and other applications. 

Regular company-wide meetings with over 60 participants, but also management meetings are held using the technology.

You, our customers, also confirm that the way we do it is good. We hear this quite often: „We didn’t even notice that you’re working from home!“ Thanks to digitization and software phones, we were able to redirect all telephone lines to our employees directly to their homes. Nearly 50 landlines per week.

Although we gave up on consultations in our favorite meeting room and visits to your companies, we didn't stop. At SOS electronic we work and help further.

Are you considering similar technologies? Do you need more information? We would be happy to tell you about our experience.

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